Raising small humans is no easy task and there’s no one size fits all approach to parenting.

The subject of parenting, in all its forms, is the premise behind Allison Langdon’s 2021’s reality series, Parental Guidance.

The show put 10 set of parents and their different parenting styles to the test, in a series of challenges. The group of parents then sit down with Ally and parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson to openly discuss and assess each other’s parenting styles.

The Today co-host, who shares four-year-old son, Mack and two-year-old daughter, Scout with husband, Michael Willesse Jr, firmly there’s no correct way to parent, telling New Idea:

“When it comes to parenting, we all have an opinion. As parents, I think we always ask ourselves, ‘Am I doing this right? Could I do better? Am I stuffing this up?’ It was nice to know no-one is doing it perfectly, we are just trying to do our best.”

So, what style of parent is Ally, 42? “We’ve talked about our parenting style a lot since shooting the show, and I think we are a little bit like [helicopter parents].

“I think that’s because we’ve got little kids in the city and we find ourselves often saying ‘be careful’ and ‘watch out’. But since the show, we’ve actually changed how we parent. I took away a bit from all of the styles.”

Here’s a closer look at some of Ally’s sweetest family moments with her husband, Mike and their two children, Mack and Scout.