Do you think you fit into a parenting style box? Do you let the kids roam freely or are you a helicopter hovering over their every move? Or perhaps you homeschool, or strictly monitor their lessons tiger-style?

Channel 9’s groundbreaking new series, Parental Guidance, which premieres Monday, November 1, at 7.30pm, shines a light on parenting and the impact of parenting choices like never before.

Hosts, Ally Langdon and Australian parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson put opinionated parents, with diverse parenting methods (outlined below), to the ultimate test through a series of the toughest challenges imaginable in the search for Australia’s best parenting style.

Every Australian parent will be comparing and asking whether their parenting ways are right after watching these families battle it out.

We take a look at the families involved and the styles each of them is representing in the gallery below …

The 10 parenting styles under the spotlight on Parental Guidance …

Do you smack your child? Would your child go off with a stranger? How do you deal with discipline? Do you let your child run free? How would your child react without screen time for 24hours? Parental Guidance will change the conversation around these fundamental parenting issues in Australia.

These outspoken parents will take turns judging each other’s style, tackling controversial approaches to parenting that will divide opinion, cause spirited debate and be very uncomfortable for some.