If you’ve ever tried telling a toddler what they can and can’t wear you’ll know that resistance is futile.

And if that toddler happens to be a little boy wanting to dress as his favourite yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins wants you to know that he has her support.

The star, who today announced that she’s leaving the famous franchise has been very vocal in the past about the fact that her little fans come in all shapes and sizes.

In a sweet Instagram post shared back in 2019, Watkin’s former husband, fellow Wiggle, Lachlan Gillespie was snapped wearing Emma’s signature yellow bow, while holding up a yellow sign that states simply, “Boys can be Emma.”

A rousing “YASSSSS” flooded the comments section as parents lamented the lack of Emma Wiggle merchandise marketed at little boys. Tales flooded in of little boys enamoured with the “bowtiful” ballerina-twirling, singing, cat-loving star that is Emma Wiggle.

Lachy shows his support for all the little Emma fans.

“Srsly, my son would willingly ditch me for Emma any day of the week and wouldn’t look back,” wrote one mum.

“My son had a bow in his hair at aged 3. He loved being Emma!” shared another.

“I have a little boy that proudly wears his Emma headband everywhere!” wrote another.

Little boys and girls alike adore the sweet star, who joined the children’s entertainment juggernaut as the first female member of the troupe back in 2012. Since then the sea of yellow in the crowd increases by the show as little boys and girls proudly wear their bows.

But it wasn’t all glowing support for the statement. Some were so outraged by the idea of little boys admiring and paying tribute to their favourite female role model that they threatened to withdraw their support for the band by no longer allowing their children to enjoy it.

“Can we not bring political agendas into our kids shows?” writes one.

“Ummm … sorry no they can’t. It’s called biology,” states another, while others chimed in with, “What?! Farewell Wiggles, it’s been fun, but no. Boys can’t be Emma,” and: “No don’t start this they are innocent and too little!”

It was this comment: “No more wiggles for my baby, I can’t believe, they are babys no adults!!! What wrong with you???” that Masked Singer runner-up and proud boy-mum, Em Rusciano jump in to lend her support.

“Educate yourself before writing this kind of sh*t!” she responded. “This is about positive female role modelling, not sexuality!”

“Of course they can!”

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In a post to her own Instagram feed, Rusciano went even further in her support of the simple statement, “Boys can be Emma.”

“I couldn’t love this any harder if I tried,” she wrote.

“I love it so much I want Beyoncé to adopt it and raise it in the manner it deserves! Boys CAN BE Emma Wiggle!! Of course they can!! Good on you @lachy_wiggle – this is a good and wonderful photo.”

Outraged at the “mind blowing” comments flooding the original Emma Wiggle post, Rusciano later added an edit which stated: “This is about little boys being encouraged to have female role models! Regardless of their sexuality. Teaching boys to look up to and respect women instead of seeing them as something to own and control will go a long way.”

And one would have to agree. Do you?