As the world shifts and moves around COVID and the restrictions it imposes on our lives, everyone is making changes like never before.

We work from home now, kids are schooling at home when needed and brands are having to pivot and create engagement to ensure that they keep their place in the world.

One such company doing just that is UK make up brand Trinny London. Famous for their portable, stackable, personalised makeup founded by fashion expert and television personality Trinny Woodall, they’ve launched DUO virtual appointments as a fun interactive way to perfect your make up for you and your friend online!

Started as a response to COVID and to keep their make up artists employed these virtual appointments take place on your computer or phone via Google Hangouts.

From friends to family, bridesmaids and bride or just a lockdown activity –  you can open the wine and enjoy the Trinny London Duo Virtual appointments with an expert make up artist!

Lockdown fun with a virtual makeup consultation!

The brand has introduced virtual, interactive one to one make up appointments to take you through their Match2Me (their amazing on site colour /make up matching section) to show you the best colours, products and techniques for you and your friend.

During your appointment, the Trinny London make artist will share tips and tricks, whether that’s perfecting your blusher, enhancing your eyes or diving your cheekbones.

And the best part is, all appointments are fully redeemable against Trinny London products and both you and your friend will receive a voucher code! Hello lockdown shopping.

Trinny London is doing all they can to keep their makeup artists in jobs during COVID.

Simply book a time that suits you (early morning and later appointments for Aussie consumers) for one hour where you will chat with a Trinny London Pro Make Up artist   – at the time of your appointment you just click on the link in your confirmation email!

For more details and to book your session head here.