The power of a good concealer can not be underestimated. It’s the hider of a thousand sins, and the great pretender when it comes to how much sleep you got, verses how much sleep it looks like you got.

And you don’t need to have a Kardashian-style glam squad on hand to get it right either. In fact, when it comes to concealer, less is actually more, particularly with the new style serum-concealers that Trinny Woodall is bringing to the game with her skincare line, Trinny London.

“Imagine an eye cream and a concealer had a baby,” is how the skin guru describes her latest creation. “It has been my dream to create the ultimate non crease under-eye concealer that combines the skincare benefits of active ingredients whilst delivering great coverage for dark circles.”

And it really works. Want to know how? Trinny shares her best tips for concealer use below …

“A little goes a long way!”

Trinny Woodall’s tips for using concealer

Trinny’s tip for Trinny London’s Just A Touch concealer:

“Don’t cover your entire complexion, just areas of unevenness or lingering redness. A little goes a long way – dot onto desired areas, then blend and blur with your fingers or a brush for a seamless finish.”

Trinny’s tip for Trinny London’s BFF Eye serum-concealer:

“With cream-based makeup and using your fingers… you manage to really blend incredibly beautifully into your skin and get a more seamless application.”

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