So, you’re officially expecting!

Between trying not to spew onto your keyboard at work, figuring out which beauty products you can and and can’t use and furiously googling just about every piece of food you’re about to shove ravenously into your your gob to double check if it’s safe, it’s fair to say you have a lot on your mind.

And there’s yet another big, bumpy challenge coming your way: the trials and tribulations of maternity fashion.

Dressing your changing body over nine months can be a daunting task, from the first trimester when you haven’t officially announced your exciting news but your jeans no longer do up, to the second trimester when you’ve got a gorgeous growing belly to show off, to the third and final act when some days you open your closet, scratch your head and think it would probably be easier to just wear your bedsheet.

Well, fear not because this preggo writer feels your pain.

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Maternity fashion has come a long way!

While it’s a total joy embracing my newfound bump, and just like Duchess Meghan there’s nothing I love more than rocking a figure-hugging frock that shows it off, it’s also a bummer when your go-to wardrobe staples no longer make it past your hips and you suddenly feel like you have to buy a whole new wardrobe from scratch.

And don’t even get me started on the oversized shelf currently hijacking what was formerly known as my chest. I’ve already spent a small fortune on emergency maternity bras and I’m told I’ll need to do it all over again just before I pop when the milk comes in. On the plus side, if you need any extra storage, I’m your girl.

As I reach the home stretch of my pregnancy, perhaps the best thing I’ve learnt about preggo fashion is that you don’t necessarily need to buy all your clothes from specific maternity brands and even when you do, there’s heaps of maternity brands out there that cater for clothes you can wear before and after your pregnancy. While there’s no shortage of amazing labels who cater just for pregnant women, floaty linen, stretchy fabrics and buying a size up can work wonders.

We’ve rounded up the ultimate compilation of maternity fashion ideas to help inspire you through your pregnancy. Keep scrolling for tried and tested looks that will make you feel fabulous, not frumpy!