The 7 questions all mums to be want answered

What does labour feel like?

“It’s like running a marathon. Mental strength is half the battle. The moment you let fear or doubt creep in is the moment you hit the wall and feel like you can’t do it. I’ve done it with no pain relief three times!”

Nicola Spooner, 26, mum to Hamish, four, Daisy, two, and Isaac, three months

“Pressure, pressure and more pressure, like a basketball dropping into my lap.”

Holly Brown, 34, mum to Cooper, five, and Slater, two

“Labour felt like intense period pain.”

Traci Morgan Hyde, 37, mum to Morgan, eight months

How did you know when labour started?

“I went to hospital with what I thought was food poisoning because I was extremely sick, vomiting and so on, and found out I was 10cm dilated. It was bizarre – no pain at all. When they broke my waters, I felt instantly better and I had bub three minutes later.”

Michelle Lovett, 33, mum to Blade, 12, Harlem, 10, Reef, two, and Mika, one

“My contractions were unmistakable – they were coming four to five minutes apart. They started on a Wednesday afternoon and my little girl was born on the Friday morning.”

Hazel Mead, 31, mum to Aurelia, 21 months

How long did labour last?

“The first labour lasted three hours and 15 minutes, and the second was one hour and 30 minutes. My waters broke at home and by the time I got to the hospital my baby was on the way. It’s amazing how your body takes over and seems to know just what to do!”

Anna Waldron, 36, mum to Aleisha, three, and Liam, three months

“I was induced at 41 weeks and had a 28-hour labour from start to finish.”

Hailee Lennard, 22, mum to Lacey, two

“In theory, my labour lasted three days, however active labour was 12 hours.”

Denae Young, 21, mum to Emily, one

How did you manage to keep going during labour?

“Knowing there were moments between the contractions is what got me through.”

Helen Day, 26, mum to Joe, two

“Breathing from deep down in my stomach helped, and I also had a great male midwife.”

Jocelyn Fraser, 25, mum to Milla, four months

What’s the toughest part of labour?

“Not being allowed to eat anything – I was so hungry! The rest of my labour was too easy.”

Kate Bear, 33, mum to Jasmine, 18 months

“Just before you get to start pushing is the time when you just can’t take it any more – the lowest point when you think you have nothing left. But that’s the beginning to the end when you get to meet your baby.”

Sheree Shaddick, 34, mum to Toryan, 13, Tannah, 11, and Indianna, 15 months

“Not knowing what to expect. Every labour is different and out of your control sometimes. I found that hard. You can have the right mind set, but that doesn’t mean it will work out how you want.”

Natalie Moreno, 30, mum to Ethan, two

What does it feel like straight after giving birth?

“Incredibly satisfying. When the baby is born, you get this unbelievable feeling of love for the little thing, and your body somehow forgets about the pain you just went through.”

Rebecca Spellman, 32, mum to Clio, 10, Ella, eight, and Lani, five months

“After bub comes out, I feel very empowered, like Superwoman. And I am instantly filled with love!”

Wendy Russell, 35, mum to Coedy, 16, Lowgan, 14, Indiah, 13, Angel, 11, Hunter, nine, Ocean, seven, Sunny, five, Winter, three, Moses, 20 months, and Jonah, four months

“You push the baby out and the biggest rush comes over you. It’s totally worth it!”

Jessica Webster, 26, mum to Flynn, four, Sawyer, two, and Harriet, one

What did you learn from your first labour that you’ll take to the next one?

“After giving birth to three healthy babies, I can say having no labour plan is the best plan.”

Rebekah Collins, 36, mum to Oliver, seven, Rose, three, and Finn, four months

“I think fitness levels help with how well your body can cope during labour. I’m currently walking for 20 minutes on a treadmill and doing 40 minutes on weight machines one to two times a week to prepare for my next labour.”

Kim Louise Orfanos, 31, mum to Olivia, five, Evan, three, and 16 weeks pregnant with number three

“A calm and supportive midwife and partner makes all the difference. In my second labour, I decided not to try and plan or do anything, but breathe and go with it. It was much better than the first. Also, not having too many expectations.”

Jac Watson, 44, mum to Noah, nine, Archie, eight, and Yasmin, 22 months