When it comes to the perfect birthday party theme for a little girl, there is nothing more magical than a fairy party.

And a fairy party doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant; dust off some items from the dress-up box, pull out some items from your kids’ bedrooms, and you can turn your house into an enchanted fairyland.

Last weekend my daughter Ava celebrated her third birthday with a fairy party at home.

Ava was given a Little Fairy Door and some fairy wings as gifts for her second birthday and was instantly smitten.

Combined with her love of dancing, singing and playing dress-ups, it was clear that a fairy party would be the perfect theme for her third birthday party.

As her birthday is in early January, and we had just returned from holidays two days before her party, I needed everything to be super-quick and easy to set up. Furthermore, as so many suppliers are closed in early January for the holidays, I needed to be able to make all of the party food and take care of the decorations.

Here is how we did it:


I had originally considered hiring an entertainer for the party, however Ava is going through a stage where she is terrified of anyone in costume.

Clowns, ogres, fairies, princesses, you name it, she is suspicious!

I quickly realised though that it was not essential to have an actual fairy at her party.

Instead, we had a fairy treasure hunt.

I placed clues inside and outside the house and the fairies and elves hunted for special fairy treasure including bubbles, fairy dust and fairy wands. Notes from the ‘birthday fairy’ were left with the treasure and made it feel as though the fairies were amongst us.

The final treasure trove was discovered at ‘The Cheeky Elves' Lolly Bar’ where the little ones got to fill up their party bags with treats to take home.

All the items in the fairy treasure hunt were things that I would have otherwise included in the party bag, and the kids had a ball hunting for their treasure.

We also played ‘Pass the Fairy Parcel’ and ‘Musical Toadstool Statues’ where they danced amongst some enormous oversized toadstool chairs which I had borrowed from a cousin.


Honeycomb balls, paper butterflies, bunnies, balloons, frogs, toadstools and fresh flowers are just some of the items you can use to turn your house into a magical fairyland.

I used two pieces from Ava’s bedroom on the dessert table – a gorgeous framed fairy print acted as the table backdrop and a bunny lamp sat between some gorgeous fabric toadstools, which a girlfriend had lent me from her daughter’s bedroom. The Little Fairy Door sat next to some beautiful fresh roses and oriental lilies.

The kids table was set up with candy stripe paper plates, cups and serviettes from Sambellina, and the floor was a sea of pink balloons.

I also purchased some inexpensive honeycomb balls and moss green frogs from The Little Big Company, who has a great range of decorations suitable for every party theme and delivers Australia-wide.

The Birthday Cake and Cake Topper

We served a simple homemade chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and beautiful fresh raspberries, which was adorned with a number ‘3’ cake topper made from silver glitter card and decorative paper butterflies that I purchased from a craft store.

Fairy Food

If you serve it in teeny tiny portions, then just about any party food is suitable for a fairy themed party.

For savoury food, I served homemade fairy chicken schnitzels, butterfly sandwiches, party pies, my mum’s sausage rolls, and vegie crudités.

On the dessert table, I served butterfly cookies, mini fairy cheesecakes with fairy floss, the birthday cake, and some watermelon fairy wands.

After a couple of hours of playing, dancing, singing and eating it was time for the fairies and elves to go home.

It was a magical day and one that I hope my sweet, little fairy never forgets.

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