With over 260,000 followers on Instagram, at first glance it would look like Marcia Leone lives a picture perfect life with her husband and two children, nine-year-old Archie and three-year-old, Poppy.

But looking beyond all the beautiful imagery on her highlights reel and you will see that the 41-year-old published author is also brutally honest about the realities of parenthood and for shining a light on important issues like miscarriage, infertility and now, postpartum recovery.

Following surgery for a postpartum issue related to the birth of her first child, nine years ago, Marcia has sparked off an important conversation about postpartum lasting forever and what women’s bodies go through to grow and birth a child.

The powerful posts have left many of us wondering, ‘Why is this a subject we don’t talk about more?’

Marcia first began the conversation a couple of weeks ago. On January 23, alongside a black-and-white image of herself post-srugery wearing maternity underwear, she wrote:

“477 weeks. 110 months. 9 years Postpartum (since my first full term pregnancy and birth.)

“This is me today. 5 days post surgery. Week old unwashed hair, pregnancy undies back on (who knew I still had them!)

“The debilitating pain and recovery from this this “simple procedure” to address an internal pregnancy issue from carrying Archie has been like nothing I have experienced in my life. (And I had a full on episiotomy with 6 week recovery)

“It got me thinking of the women suffering birth trauma and more serious ongoing issues. I have received hundreds of messages on my stories form women sharing different lasting effects. There are so many things that can happen. Internally & externally. Physically & emotionally. Why are we not talking about this?

Marcia aka ‘NotSoMumsy” has two children, Archer, nine and Poppy, three.

“Postpartum is so much more than a changing body shape. It’s the physical and emotional wounds we carry. Some we see, some we don’t. And it’s different for all of us. Here I am 9 years on. All of a sudden taken back to that time.

“A reminder that there is no time limit – POSTPARTUM IS FOREVER.

“Let’s honour the warriors that we are and these amazing vessels that carry us and our children through life and talk about this!”

Marcia finished the post with the hashtags #rawmotherhood and #postpartum

The post struck a chord with many of the Not So Mumsy followers with thousands of women commenting their own postpartum challenges.

Mum-of-two and influencer, Phoebe Burgess wrote: “Spinal injuries. Disc protrusions. Nerve damage. Pubic symphysis. Breast sensitivity (thanks mastitis) Prolapses (so not cool). 3 surgeries (countless ‘procedures’ under anaesthesia…. & all since Baby One, 4 years ago, TODAY! #Postpartum is every. Single. Day .
Thinking of you Mummy 🙏🏼 Set your own pace, be kind to your body and look after your heart Mummy.”

Following on from the thousands of comments and DM’s, Marcia received last night she wrote another powerful post:

“Endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic organ prolapse, uterine polyps, uterine infection, thrombosed heamorrhoids, ovarian cysts, bladder issues, scar tissue damage, dislocated tailbone, c-section scar issues, aydenomyosis, pelvic Symphysis dysfunction, incontinence, Diastasis Recti, ovaries grown into bowel, organ attachment issues, hysterectomy, ongoing pain during sex…

“These are just SOME of the physical issues you shared with me after I posted my “postpartum is forever” surgery post and stories. I receive hundreds of messages. Some of these same issues mentioned x50-100 women. But still we don’t talk about it.

“Many of you said you haven’t told anyone (some not even medical professionals) because you thought it was just you, or you were embarrased.

“So let’s talk about it.

“This expectation that in between juggling work & family we grow actual human beings wih eyes, brains, arms and legs, then deliver them out of our body.

“But before we have time to heal we continue to get up- mostly with little sleep, prioritise our babies, our children, relationships, work, make lunches, do school runs, activities – all while some of us are in pain, some have chronic conditions and others emotional trauma from pregnancy and birth.

“Of course many women have issue free pregnancies and births, but let’s also normalise these things can and do happen – it’s not shameful- your body didn’t fail you. Your organs literally moved to house a child then moved back into position. You birthed a freakin human being.

“I (thought) had two incredible – best moment of my life – births, but only now post recent surgery have I realised the trauma I never worked through with my first. I pushed it aside because my focus was on my baby.

“So this is your reminder mama. You are not alone. Your health matters. You are a freakin warrior, but it’s OK to ask for help. Prioritise yourself. Post Partum is forever. Let’s talk about it. #postpartumisforever

Marcia Leone is encouraging women to talk more about postpartum and ad all the challenges associated with childbirth.