5 reasons the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 helps you and baby sleep easier    

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Owlet duo monitor 2 with phone, wearable, camera and inset of baby's foot with the wearable

A baby monitor system with a camera and wearable sock provides more peace of mind and better sleep for the whole family!    

After giving birth, your baby is away from you for the first time in around 40 weeks – and you’ll want to keep your eagle eye on them, which is where a baby monitor is essential. When baby sleeps, you can get on with other things like taking care of yourself and the rest of the family. For times when your bub isn’t attached to you like a little koala, it would be great to know you’ll be notified if your newborn wakes or needs you.

This is where the award-winning Owlet Monitor Duo 2 is invaluable for new parents. Using the Cam 2 video baby monitor along with the wearable Smart Sock can provide a number of benefits for the well-being of your baby.

Learn the 5 reasons how the Owlet Monitor Duo 2 can give you peace of mind while your baby is sleeping or resting.

Why a baby camera plus wearable monitor is ideal for new parents

1. Comprehensive monitoring: The Cam 2 video baby monitor lets you see and hear what’s going on with your little one when they are sleeping or resting. Add in the Owlet Smart Sock , and you can keep an eye on key indicators of well-being such as heart rate and oxygen level. The iconic Owlet Monitor Duo 2 provides a more comprehensive view of your baby’s overall well-being.

2. Real-time notifications: The Smart Sock monitor can immediately notify you via the free Owlet Care app if it detects changes in your baby’s readings – heart rate or oxygen level – and knowing if they move out of preset zones can be reassuring.      

3. Sleep quality assessment: Using the two together can be helpful to learn and track your baby’s sleep patterns and overall comfort. It can also be particularly useful during times when your bub might be unsettled, plus it can track their readings over time, which may help you understand your baby’s sleep better.    

Owlet duo baby monitor 2 with phone, camera and wearable, dark skinned pregnant woman holding a toddler girl with wearable on foot
The combination of camera, phone app and wearable is a reassuring baby monitor. (Images: Owlet)

4. App integration: Adding the Owlet Care smartphone app to your phone makes it even more convenient for remote monitoring and notifications. Combining the app with the Smart Sock and Cam 2 monitor allows you to check in your baby from virtually anywhere.

5. Peace of mind: Ultimately, the combination of a high-quality, colour HD video monitor offers parents peace of mind. The Owlet Smart Sock takes it to the next level, helping parents keep a close eye on their baby’s condition and general well-being. Sound, motion and cry detection can let parents know that their baby is stirring or unsettled.

The Owlet Smart Sock wearable and Cam 2 baby monitor combo adds an extra layer of reassurance for parents – and it makes a terrific baby shower present!

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