Morning sickness: Don't be fooled, it can strike at any time of the day or night hits 75 percent of us during the first trimester.
Admittedly we're talking about only a brief period of time but, as anyone who has gone through it will tell you, those early weeks can feel like months especially if they're spent wrapped around a toilet bowl.

If this happens to you, try not to worry; as they say, this too shall pass. In the meantime, try these remedies from experts to our Mother and Baby readers, it can't hurt!

Pull your tongue

The yoga move the 'tongue pull', is a fairly eccentric remedy but it sometimes works when nothing else will do the trick,' says Francesca Naish, herbalist, hypnotherapist and co-author of The Natural Way to A Better Pregnancy.

Grasp your tongue using a dry, clean cloth and pull it straight out, until it feels quite strained and uncomfortable, then hold it for 30 seconds. Feels weird and looks even weirder, but many say it works

Sea bands

You may have known that seasickness can be treated with a set of 'sea bands', bands that fit around your wrist and apply pressure to relieve nausea, but guess what: they ease morning sickness too. Pick up a pair at your pharmacy for about $20. If you're the do-it-yourself type, pop a dried kidney bean over the anti-nausea pressure point (the inside of your forearm about 10cm from the wrist) and hold it in place with an adhesive bandage. Leave it there for as long as it takes.

Herbal fix

Certain herbs can stop morning sickness dead in its tracks, says Janette Roberts, pharmacist, clinical nutritionist and co-author of The Natural Way to A Better Pregnancy.

Specific herbs for nausea include black horehound, meadowsweet, wild yam, peppermint, lemon balm, aniseed, squaw vine and peach leaves. These can be taken in fluid extract, tablet or capsule form or externally. Anna's wild yam cream has many followers.

* Lovely licorice*

Treat yourself to a little licorice! Research has found that licorice tea can calm the stomach and ease mild nausea. If the very thought makes you feel woozy, try natural licorice drops or licorice in candy form. It's cheap as chips and it tastes great.

* Dose up*

Take a daily dose of Vitamin B6. Recent research carried out in both the States and in Thailand showed that women who took 25mg of B6 every eight hours had significantly less vomiting and nausea than women who took a placebo.

Vitamin B6 can be purchased seperatly from a pharmacy or health food store, or you can buy a B complex which has more significant doses than a normal multi vitamin.

* Bittersweet lemons*

Tart and tangy, lemons are something of a wonder cure when it comes to morning sickness. Pop a slice into a mug of piping hot water and sip slowly throughout the day. You can also try lemon juice in ice water or, if you're really keen (or that desperate), suck on a slice of the real thing.

* The naughty stuff*

Okay, so Tim Tams by the truckload aren't going to do you or your baby the world of good, but they won't do too much harm either. The final word? If junk food is all you can keep down, go ahead and tuck in. It's better than starving!

* Think positive*

It might sound far-fetched but research has shown that positive thinking can make an impact on mild nausea. When it hits, find yourself a comfy spot and relax. Take a few deep breaths. Then, focus on relaxing your body from head to toes. As you feel the tension evaporate remind yourself that you're not technically ill, just pregnant, and soon you'll feel just like your old self again. Have a chat to your body and thank it for caring for your unborn child.

If your nausea is at all anxiety or fear related, try a positive affirmation. Try the following; 'I accept fear and move forward knowing courage is my guide.'

* Sleep easy*

Rest, rest and rest some more. 'Physical or mental fatigue can increase the risk of morning sickness and exacerbate symptoms,' writes Heidi Murkoff, co-author of What To Expect When You're Expecting.

* Sweet thing*

If sweet smells soothe you, get a hold of an oil burner and light up a candle quick sticks. Try burning five drops of any of the following essential oils: lavender, spearmint, lemon, coriander or bergamot.

These specific oils all create a healthy, therapeutic aroma that works to calm your wobbly tummy. Your house will smell terrific, too!

* Wonders of bamboo*

The Chinese herbal formula Bamboo and Hoelen is said to be good for nausea in pregnancy; talk to a Chinese herbalist and see if this might work for you. To find a practitioner near you, call the Australian and Chinese Medicine Association on 1300 725 334 or visit

Bear in mind that while mild nausea is the norm, serious illness is not. If you're feeling particularly unwell, are unable to keep food or water down, are not gaining weight or you're losing weight, speak to your GP or midwife immediately.