Mum with kids at the park

There’s just one word to sum up a situation like this…

Wow. Just… wow.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, Sydney mum-of-two Tara Coverdale was told to leave a playgroup in the city suburb of Alexandria because this playgroup is for “multicultural families” only.

Ms Coverdale, who was invited to take her four-year-old son and eight-month-old baby along to community centre by her Russian-born friend, was left completely shocked when quizzed about her “background”.

According to Ms Coverdale, after explaining to one of the centre’s staff that she was a fourth-generation Australian, the staff member replied: “I’m sorry, you can’t come here. It’s for multicultural families and people who speak languages other than English at home.”

“I said ‘I’m not leaving’,” Ms Coverdale explains.

“My kids were playing. My older son was having such a good time with his buddy, and I thought, ‘Why should I leave?’”

Ms Coverdale was then told to try joining another playgroup in Newtown or Erskineville and forced to leave.

“We’re in a pretty progressive area,” Tara said. “It’s very accepting of all people. But I feel like I’m excluded.”

And this is something Education Minister Rob Stokes detests.

"I was disappointed to hear that a mum and her young child felt they were not welcome… This is not acceptable," he says. "Everyone, regardless of their background, should feel included in these wonderful community activities."

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