For many women, working out when you’ve got your period is one of the last things you feel like doing. You may be experiencing cramps, feel bloated and more tired than usual – and let’s not forget the leakage factor.

But, the good is that exercise can be physically beneficial in helping to increase the production of endorphins (“feel-good hormones”) and reduce anxiety, depression, and pain, improving your mood.

As for leakage, there’s also an innovative fix available. Leak-proof leggings have been designed to combat some of the issues that might stop people from exercising while on their period, like leaks, stains and pads being visible.

Modibodi’s Recycled 7/8 Leggings have an innovative floating absorbent gusset.

Hailed as leak-proof, squat-proof and sweat-proof, Modibodi’s Recycled 7/8 Leggings can hold up to three tampons of flow. They are made from 79 per cent recycled nylon and its moisture-wicking outer fabric keeps you dry and cool.

Runner, CEO and founder of Modibodi Kristy Chong, launched her period and leak-proof apparel business after experiencing bladder leaks following the birth of her second child.

“I was training for a marathon, my periods had not long returned, and I had started to experience occasional light bladder leaks,” she says.

“The available solutions were ugly, inconvenient, uncomfortable and a hazard to our environment – disposable hygiene. I just felt we deserved something better.

“I wanted to make underwear that could help people more conveniently, comfortably and reliably manage their leaks and reduce the amount of single-use products ending up in landfill and damaging our environment – that’s how Modibodi came about,” explains Kristy.

Adidas was one of the first global brands to launch leak-proof leggings. Their designs have ‘flow shields’ featuring a three-layer pad that wicks and absorbs. However, unlike Modibodi’s offering, it needs to be worn with sanitary products as the leggings will only protect you from leaks.

For every period-proof product, be sure to read follow the care instructions.

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In addition to leggings, leak-proof activewear shorts have also hit the market.