As any parent of a tween knows, it’s a tricky time to navigate. Social relationships can become a little more challenging, hormones can send situations and emotions into a tailspin and there is social media and mobile use to begin contending with.

And for parents with girls there is the fact that periods, which can start anytime between eight to 14 years of age, with the average age being 12, are about to become ‘a thing’ in their life. Period.

One such mum chose to Ask the Village by posing a question to our community about making a ‘first period kit’ to help her daughter through this time.

“My eldest daughter began year six this year, which is the year that I got my period so I’m wanting to make her a little pack for her school bag,” the mum penned. “If anyone has done this already can you please tell me how you made it (what kind of packaging?) and what you put in it please?”

The community rallied with over 100 responses in the first hour from parents in the trenches who were happy to share their experience.

“My little one has started getting regular sore tummy,” shared one commenter. “She knows what to expect. She has a unicorn pencil case that we put some liners, pads, spare pair of undies and a little plastic bag.”

Another replied to this comment, agreeing and adding: “We did exactly same thing. She is 21 now and still has the unicorn travel case as she calls it. She put a small pkt of antibacterial wipes in too. In case there is a spill. She uses them to clean fabric.”

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Periods can start anytime between eight to 14 years of age, with the average age being 12.

Modern cloth pads and period underwear are also brilliant for younger tweens and offer sustainable options that will save a fortune in the long term. Menstrual cups are suitable for teens who are more confident with their period as it can take a few cycles to master.

One commenter was a big fan of the period underwear option, saying: “Period pants are the best, both my daughters who are 10 and 11 use them. I wish something so amazing had of been invented when I was growing up 🤣 my eldest has just gone up to senior school so it takes all the embarrassment out of it especially on sport days.”

While another commenter suggested that conversations were just as important as the kit.

“Make sure you talk about it openly and honestly, especially in front of any male house members,” they suggested. “Break the taboo and shame many young girls feel and empower her to say ‘yeah, I got my period, so what?’ if any one tries to make fun of her. And make sure you know at least one empathetic teacher who can help her if there are bullies.”

How to have that first period chat with your daughter

“Just keep it light and matter-of-fact,” says mum-of-three daughters, Elizabeth Chapman. “You can add lots of little conversations into everyday situations to build on the ‘period talk’.”

Elizabeth suggests that you make or go through a ‘First Period Survival Kit’ together. “This is essential!”

You’ll need one for home and one for the school bag. A pencil case or small make-up bag will do the trick and should include; a spare pair of underwear, a pad (disposable or cloth) or a pair of period underwear.

“Talk about how to use the products and go through what they would do if they got their first period at school or a friend’s place or while you were at work or away,” advises Elizabeth.

“Make sure you cover all the options when talking to your daughter about sanitary products and allow them to own their period by choosing the products they want to use.”

Remember to talk to your daughter about periods in a factual and positive environment, as this will build confidence and normalises their attitude towards menstruating and their changing body.

Excellent first period packs to buy for your daughter

There are some incredible companies that have made this entire task a lot easier for families by collating all the things a period first-timer will need in carefully curated packs.

Tale a look at some of our faves below …