When it comes to juggling a successful television and radio career alongside life as mum to three gorgeous children, Carrie Bickmore is refreshingly honest about the highs and lows of motherhood.

The 41-year-old Gold Logie star is also quick to point out that she certainly doesn’t have it all together. Often posting images with the captions “Instagram vs Reality”, to prove that the glossy images we often see on social media often tell a completely different background story.

Carrie and her partner Chris Walker share three kids, Oliver, Evie and Adelaide.

Carrie is refreshing, real and relatable. Scroll on for some of her best family photos and parenting hits and misses.

Carrie Bickmore’s summer holiday snaps

Carrie has taken to Instagram to share a selection of her favourite holiday pics. Alongside a selection of happy snaps, The Project host writes:

“Back at work tomorrow after some sunny time with the fam ☀️ still missing many of the people I love badly…due to the WA border closure but know how lucky we were to even have some downtime as a fam…so feeling very grateful and ready for another big year of work. Sending so much love to everyone in these weird times. 🥰”

Evie, who looks like the spitting image of her mum, will turn seven in March.

Carrie also shared a sweet a black and white snap of her eldest child, Oliver, as he carried his half-sister, Adelaide.
Carrie captioned the image: “And savouring the summers with my glorious man-child before his friends become way more fun to holiday with than his fam 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 “
She even confessed that, like many parents, she is “outwardly trying to give him independence and freedom while internally being a stage 5 clinger”.
Oliver is Carrie’s only child from her first marriage to former husband Greg Lange, who sadly died in 2010 after a decade-long battle with brain cancer.

Carrie’s teenage son, Oliver is growing up so fast.

Carrie Bickmore nails cake making the 2nd time around for Evie’s 6th birthday

Little Evie is growing up! The cutie face has turned six and Carrie has marked the occasion with a beautiful tribute and TWO attempts at getting the cake right.

Project star Carrie Bickmore shared a slew of snapshots from Evie’s six years of life depicting the loving mum planting smooches on her daughter from when she was a newborn to now. Carrie captioned the post: “Happy 6th birthday pumpkin. I plan on smooching your squishy, delicious, sparkly face for many years to come. You are just awesome 💋.”

Next Carrie shared a series of images of her cake making skills.

The mum-of-three nailed six-year-old girl cake perfection with a pink iced castle cake resplendent with lollies and icecream cone towers.

“Evie’s castle cake 🎂 😋” the proud mum shared before adding that it was “… much better than the unicorn cake I attempted on Saturday. Looked more like an angry, stumpy monster 😳”

A little swipe through the post shows exactly what she’s talking about and LOL.

“Sleep is an elusive thing”

Carrie Bickmore has shared an honest post about the lack of sleep which occurs each night in her household and we’re confident every single exhausted parent can relate.

“Sleep is an elusive thing in our household,” she begins.

“On any given night there are multiple calls for water, a cuddle, the door open, the door closed, the door open a tiny bit more, it’s too light, too dark, screams because of possums on the roof, or the possibility of a snake within a 50K radius, cries for a comforter that has been left in the car, no not that one, the other one.”

She continues: “There are tears, there is bed hopping, and usually one of us grown ups spends part of the night sleeping on the floor next to Addie’s cot. It’s far from ideal.”

The Project host finishes the post saying, “I have accepted it, I have zero advice to offer on how to fix it, I know it will pass…but just wanted to shout out to all the exhausted parents out there…enjoy your extra coffee today…you deserve it! 💋”

Exhausted mums and celebrity friends were quick to offer their support in the comments section.

Radio host, Chrissie Swan wrote: “I remember this phase! I too surrendered. Good news is it *does* pass! And of course like every crazy mama – I miss it!”

Mum-of-three Chezzi Denyer wrote: “Look at those little smiles 😍😍😍 yep – can relate to this post ALOT today 😂”

While another follower added: “Mum to four here and I remember those days vividly! Hang in there, soon they will be teens and staying up later than you and disturbing your sleep in a whole new way!”

Carrie Bickmore says she has come to accept the nocturnal activity that occurs in her household.

“Who left the sharpie lying around???!!!!!!!”

In a move that we’re sure way too many parents can relate too, Carrie’s daughter has scribbled on their lounge using a Sharpie texta.

As a permanent marker, Sharpies, are just like they promise to be, rather permanent and almost impossible to get out of fabrics, like lounges!

Carrie posted the adorable video of a not-very-guilty looking one-year-old and pleaded with her followers for suggestions on how to remove the stain.

“While I did an interview this morning in one room…Miss Adelaide got creative in the other room,” Carrie began.

“Who left the sharpie lying around???!!!!!!!😫😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 (How do I remove????!)”

While many people sympathised, some followers got creative with their responses.

“Oh dear. You remove by buying a new couch 😂,” commented one helpful fan.

“Give all the kids sharpies and let them draw all over it so it looks like a designer couch!” suggested another.

And in a cleaning hack that Carrie should try, one follower wrote: “Don’t wet it! I’ve heard hairspray is a good starting point. I would maybe enlist a professional for this though… don’t put anything on it until you’ve spoken to a fabric cleaning specialist!”

Daggy dancing

In an adorable throwback video, Carrie has shared a video that shows off her daggy dance moves.

Carrie can be seen with ‘baby Evie’, her daughter who is now five-years-old but in the video looks about one.

The pair look like they are on holidays. Carrie captions the clip: “Just a cool mum….doing a cool mum dance..” and adds the hashtags, ‘dag’, ‘throwback’ and ‘babyEvie’.

See the cute clip below.