One of the most exciting aspects of getting ready for a new arrival is having fun decorating your little one’s room. If you’ve got a bub on the way you’ll be keen to feather the nest. Interior Design expert, Shaynna Blaze reveals the best colour choices for your baby’s new room.

I’m planning to paint my baby’s nursery. Where should I start?
Firstly, you need to have some sort of vision of how you would like the end result to look and feel. That will influence the design and decorating choices you ultimately make. Find three pictures that inspire you, from magazines or online, and use them to select your style. Finally whittling down to one picture, you’ll have a basis for your colour choice, or choices, and the style of the space you’re painting.

I’ve been looking on Pinterest and in magazines for inspiration but I’m overwhelmed. How will I ever decide on a look and feel for the room?
There is so much inspiration out there it can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s important that you arrive at something you love rather than settle for something that feels like someone else’s vision. Get your inspiration, make a shortlist and then go with your gut.

Are there any on-trend colours for 2016 that I should consider?
A colour is so personal and subjective. One of my go-to colours is Silver Mink in Taubmans Endure. It’s a calming grey/green colour and I just love it. It works well with pastels but also has a richness to it.

Can colour make a small space seem larger?
The shape and size of your room is no doubt going to impact your colour decision. Select a colour with a cool base, which will have the effect of standing back or receding, rather than advancing towards you like warm-based colours do. Light colours also work well to open up smaller spaces. If the floor is dark, try the optical trick of throwing a fluffy white sheepskin or a pale rug down to minimize the contrast between the pale walls and ceiling.

How can I avoid making a mistake with a colour choice?
Understand the rules before you decide to break them! The tried and tested method of painting a few shortlisted shades side by side on a wall in the room and looking at them at different times of the day and night to determine which one you like most is a great way to avoid the process of re-painting. But remember, the beautiful thing about working with paint is that even an unmitigated disaster can be painted over.

What do I need to know about choosing neutrals for a room?
The definition of what constitutes a ‘neutral palette’ has greatly expanded these days and includes whites, creams, beiges, greys and even some blue-greys. A neutral colour like Silver Mink on the walls of a baby’s room can create a lovely calm environment. Use white on neutral furnishings to lighten the space and create a beautiful contrast. Miss Universe (a perfect white for Silver Mink), Grey Granite and Somber Grey from Taubmans would chime in well with this colour.

Shaynna’s top five interior colour decorating tips for kids’ rooms

1.Embrace colour: Surrounded by colour, your child’s imagination can run wild. Soft gelati colours like Dusty Sky (a pale blue/green) go with everything and form a lively backdrop for creative play.
2.Consult your kids: The older the child, the more input they can have on the themes, colours and motifs which resonate with them. If they’re old enough, they could even help you paint (and stencils on walls are a fun activity for kids of any age)!
3.Go for classics: If you’re stuck for inspiration, try re-exploring classic shades. Bold reds and blues create a vibrant energy. The taupe shades of wall colour Hedgehog create the perfect backdrop to a nautically-inspired room.
4.Stay neutral: You can’t go wrong with a great neutral colour. A strong beige/grey shade like Stonington Beige is calming yet confident.
5.Modern pretty: To give a baby girl’s room a modern twist that is still feminine, use a soft pinky-purple shade like Taubmans Endure Heiress on the walls.

Shaynna is an ambassador for Taubmans.