Whoever coined the phrase ‘terrible twos‘ must have not reached the third year yet. Because if you think you’re out of the woods once they hit three, better think again and batten down the hatches … there’s a threenager comin’!

Three-year-olds have the perfect blend of energy, sass, wisdom, cuteness and brutal honesty all tied up neatly with the fact that they have zero filter. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Noneskies.

Anyone who’s ever tried to negotiate with a three-year-old soon discovers that they’ll need to bring their A-game. There’s no more time for half answers and phoning it in – bring your best self to every interaction, or be prepared to go down!

Take a scroll through these hilarious tweets that prove that it’s a three-year-old’s world … we’re just living in it.

three year old holding up three fingers

Three-year-olds say the funniest things …

12 funny toddler tweets that prove three year olds are ruthless

Say what?

Sometimes it really does seem like they have their own language.


Out of the mouths of babes.

Don’t expect a filter

The brutal honesty of toddlers is best summed up with the word ‘innosult’. Innocent and insulting all at once.

Sometimes they make a lot of sense

We feel this next one on a spiritual level.

They have discerning taste

Don’t bother trying to guess what they want.

Surrender to it

We’re pretty much their snack slaves 24/7.

Confidence is key

Nobody backs themselves quite like a toddler can.

They REALLY know what they want

To be honest, I’ve done this next one myself once or twice.


It’s hard to stay mad

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.

They have a unique set of skills

Oh to have that flexibility …

They’re ruthless

Even if they don’t mean to be!

They’re most definitely hard to please

Their wisdom is their burden to bear.

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