Having a baby is amazing but it can also be incredibly stressful.

I have had three babies, I’m also a Holistic Chiropractor and I’ve been taking care of pregnant women, postpartum women and children for over 11 years. I see the impact of stress on women.

There are many ways stress can show up for you and your body.

Physical stress
Growing and birthing a human takes a big toll physically on our bodies. Yes, they are designed for it, but it still has an impact. Huge hormonal shifts combined with a lack of sleep, holding, carrying and feeding your baby, can make you sit in some weird postures and positions!

Emotional stress is also high!
You are trying to work out what to do and how to keep this little human alive. Being sleep deprived and hormonal typically puts you into stress mode. Little things tick you off. You are googling all the things that people tell you not to google.

Mentally you are exhausted from trying to work it all out. Worried you are doing it all wrong. Reaching for the chocolate searching for a sugar/energy hit. You know you need to drink more water and that you are way too tired to exercise, which then adds to your stress.

Growing and birthing a human takes a big toll physically on our bodies.

So what can you do to lower the stress and impact on your body at this special time? Just remember to keep it simple.

Move your body – Even a 5-10 minute walk in fresh air can make such a difference and help your body and mind! Or do a slow stretch at home. Always remember to get clearance from your health care provider before you start.

Check your posture – When you can, sit up straight, do some shoulder rolls, and reset your posture.

Exercise is beneficial for your mind and body.

Breathe – Stop and breathe. Slow deep breathing is one of the best ways to decrease the impact of stress on your body. Start with 2-3 minutes at a time.

Talk – Talk to someone, anyone! Try not to bottle things up. This results in more tension in your body.

Drink water and eat well – Let people cook for you. Accept food. Always have a water bottle handy. Have several around the house, including one near your bed.

Sleep – I know this one is hard! But when and where you can, try to get some rest. Use guided meditation apps to help if you need, make the room dark, and do some breathing if you need help to drift off.

Dr Aimee Brown is a mum-of-three and a Holistic Chiropractor.

Do what feels right for you and your family.

The stress of comparison is real! I went back to work two weeks after having my first baby. I loved it and was ready. Other people never feel ready, or take longer than me. And that is absolutely ok. You aren’t me. I am not you. Do what feels right for you, without guilt!

Just remember that the little things add up, in a positive way, so just start small.

Please remember this advice is intended to be general, and please speak to your health care provider for advice specific to you.

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