To most mere mortals it seems like there’s nothing Zoe Foster Blake can’t do. She has a long, long, looong list of achievements to her name.

She’s founder of skincare line, Go-To, which also has spin-off ranges, one for men called, Bro-To and one for children, Gro-To.

As a published author, she has written beauty guide books, break up survival guides, fiction books (one of which was turned into the television series, The Wrong Girl) and a children’s book called, No One Likes A Fart, which has also just been released in the United States and what Zoe says is her “greatest book success, which I’m not trying to be offended by.”

The entrepreneur also has a new picture book coming out later this year and she says she’s “about to start writing fiction again.” We can’t wait!

No doubt Zoe’s greatest achievement is the two kids she shares with husband and all-round funny guy, Hamish Blake. The couple are parents to five-year-old, Sonny and two-year-old daughter, Rudy.

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Currently in the United States to promote Go-To, Zoe, 39, was profiled by The New York Times as part of International Women’s Day 2020. In the interview, Zoe opened up about how she juggles motherhood with everything else she has going on.

“I have a nanny who helps me three days a week, because if I didn’t have those three days to work I couldn’t do any of this,” she says.

“My husband and I are a good team as well. I don’t have an answer. I’m scattered and I get anxious and I get stressed like everybody. The best thing that I can do is compartmentalise.

“At the moment I’m traveling and doing podcasts and interviews, and as an introvert that’s really draining. I have to come home and recuperate because it really takes it out of me. I can do it, most introverts can do it, but they just need to be in their soft clothes and watch Goop Lab for a while to come back down.”

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During the interview, Zoe also gave some inspirational advice to anyone looking to start their own business.

“There’s never been a better time for entrepreneurs. There’s no barrier to entry. No idea is a bad idea. The market is thrilled with newness and novelty and innovation,” she says.

“You’ve got to make something that you want or where you know there is a gap. Don’t do a version of something that already exists, but have a really strong purpose and give people something to connect with. People want that connection.”

And that is how you win at life, Zoe Foster Blake-style.