Renovator and DIY Queen, Poppy Lee knows a thing or two about creative at-home projects.

The mum-of-two of two girls, Sez, four and Addy, three, hails from Queensland and shares some of her best DIY tips and tricks over on her Instagram page.

From a total bedroom makeover to a cute organisation system for Sez’s hair bows, Poppy’s home improvement hacks are cool and clever.

We all know kids love a cubby. And they don’t get any cuter than this make-it-yourself indoor tent.

On June 6, at 6pm Poppy will be appearing on Bunnings new renovation series, Make It Yours on 7TWO, where you can follow the step-by-step instructions to DIY-ing this trendy tent.

In the meantime, check out the video below for a sneak peek.

Now, that we’ve got your creative juices flowing, you might like to whip the rest of your kids’ play space into shape.

Here’s Poppy Lee’s tried-and-tested tips to becoming a reno goddess of play areas, just like her.

Have confidence in yourself
I absolutely love the satisfaction of knowing I’ve completed something myself, so I draw a lot of inspiration from that alone. For ideas and styling, I get a lot of inspiration from reading magazines, watching lifestyle shows and Pinterest is my absolute favourite for finding idea inspiration!!

Get painting
Painting alone is one of the quickest ways you can change space… Be smart about what needs changing and what doesn’t. You can be really playful with paint in kids rooms, create things that are fun and interactive for their play zone – mountains, geometric shapes, cars, roads, fairies and night skies are all great options.

Poppy Lee with her gorgeous girls, Addy and Sez.

Rug up
If you are in a rental, rugs can be great for bringing colour and life to a play area without having to make changes like paint. There are some beautiful interactive rugs and play mats that will keep the kids entertained for hours.

One word: storage
Well two words… storage boxes! These are a great (and also minimalistic) way to reduce clutter and organise your little one’s toy/crafts. They are safe for kids to access and an easy way for them to find their treasure while providing you with a neat solution when packing up the day’s activities.

Label it
To help keep the playroom organised, a labeller can be a handy investment! It’s a much quicker space to tidy up when everyone knows where everything goes.

Get an arts and crafts table
On this table, line it with a lino or plastic sheets to ensure no paint, glue or nasties end up stuck to the top. You can pick up an affordable plastic sheet from Bunnings.

What’s a play area without a book shelf? Having a bookshelf for your little ones to choose from encourages at-home learning and of course, some important down times which coincides with my next point.

Create a place for the kids to relax 
This is where my cute and affordable DIY kids tent comes in. This is the perfect nook for kids to put their feet up after a long day of playing and curl up to read a good book or even have a cheeky nap.

Make this play tent by following the step-by-step instructions on Poppy’s episode of Make it Yours series on June 6, 6pm on 7TWO.

Divide, section and conquer
I love to divide up rooms into sections for ease, especially for kids play rooms. In each corner of the room, select a theme for your child/ren and deck that corner out with their favourite bits and bobs. This also provides kids with a sense of responsibility and organisation of their own sections and belongings. This also works to help the kids with creativity, for example they may have a dancing zone, a zone for blocks, a reading zone and a craft zone – when they are bored of one they can move onto the next.

Pick a style or theme
For my Bunnings Make It Yours room makeover I chose to go with a fun but relaxing space, one that any child would absolutely love to spend time in. If you would like a play space that will stand the test of time, use neutral furniture items with fun splashes of colour in your accessories that can be switched out as your little ones grow older.