Chanel Nine is currently airing the LEGO Masters Australia very own “Bricksmas” special – a two-episode Christmas special featuring past LEGO Masters Australia contestants paired up with Channel 9 celebrities.

The clever creations of the contestants are inspiring LEGO builders – young and old – to get out the bricks and get building.

But we don’t all have a Brick Pit – the room full of 1.3 million pieces of neatly stored LEGO where the contestants go to pick out the elements they require – to keep the bricks neat and tidy at our places, do we?

LEGO is such a great toy for inspiring imaginative play. Kids use their creativity to explore symmetry, balance, stability, shapes, and sizes as they build, brick by brick … but it truly can get everywhere!

The clever LEGO storage hacks in the gallery below will help keep any little builders brick collection under control.

WATCH: LEGO storage hacks from LEGO Masters, Ryan ‘The BrickMan’ McNaught. Gallery begins after video …

8 clever LEGO storage hacks

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