By Katrina Wurm

Aussie parents all over are welcoming in the new school year. It’s a promise of some sort of structure and routine to the day, alongside a few hours of peace and quiet.

That said, getting organised isn’t any easier. While you’re in the throws of the holidays it’s easy to miss the sense of order that comes with a set routine. A routine that is difficult to navigate if you haven’t created a sense of order for it to run smoothly.

If you’re battling to straighten out your cupboards and find misplaced school bags, stationery, or uniforms – you’re not alone. It’s one of the most overwhelming elements in starting the new year. Fortunately, there’s a simple strategy to overcome all of this and you don’t have to be a neat-freak to implement it (in fact, it’s designed for people who aren’t).


Parenting and Empowerment Coach, Katrina Wurm says the trick lies in taking action at a comfortable pace. (Image: Supplied)

Just like most new year’s resolutions and goals, the successful outcome hinges on your ability to break the task down into manageable goals.

Divide your to-do list into categories and tackle each step, one at a time and the right mindset will follow. Rushing is the ultimate way to fail because it leads to overwhelm and anxiety.

There are four categories you can use in order to divide your tasks. Once you have them categorised, the goal will seem less mountainous.

  • Do Now
  • Do Later
  • Delegate
  • Ditch
School girl at desk

Delegating tasks to your kids to be responsible for takes a burden off parent’s shoulders (Image: Getty)

Do Now 

While each task is equally important, focus your energy on DO NOW first. Forget the others. That category would include tasks like finding the school bags, purchasing shoes and making sure they’re worn in, making sure you have lunchboxes and foods to put in the lunch boxes.

Do Later 

This is the preparation category. It’s designed to simplify your daily life by pre-doing some of the tasks. Examples? Meal prep. Sorting out cupboard space especially for school gear and uniforms. Shopping for the week ahead to minimise the need for stressful trips to the grocery store on school days.

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Tasks others can do for you. As mothers who are super busy and often pressed for time, it’s easier to simply “do it yourself” because it’s faster and it will be done perfectly the first time, right?

You’re selling yourself short in the long term as your family sees you as the do-all person. Take the time, as frustrating as it is to let even the youngest members of the family carry their own weight. It prepares them for life and ultimately, it means when they can do it right, it will be a huge burden off your shoulders as you can delegate tasks.

Such tasks include packing their own school bags, ensuring the clothes they need are in the laundry hamper, preparing their own school lunch etc.


This one requires a mindset change. Instead of ditching your to-do list or your values, ditch societies expectations of the kind of mum you’re supposed to be. Forget the Pinterest mum. Forget the perfect Facebook family. Dig down and discover your true values. Build your family life around that.

If you’re a messy creative, find a way to make it work. Don’t go against your unique personality mould in order to fit into some fantasy definition of a good mum.