From the Little Mermaid to Cinderella and Snow White, a Brazilian photographer has gone viral after posting maternity shoot images where mums-to-be are dressed up as Disney Princesses.

Now, if ever there was a time to be treated like royalty it’s when you’re growing a small human inside you.

The breathtaking images are taken by talented photographer, Vanessa Firme.

Vanessa says the idea to dress expectant mamas up as Disney Princesses came when one of her clients was due with a little girl who she planned on calling Bella.

The name was similar to Belle from Beauty and the Beast and so the theme of the shoot was decided upon. The result was stunning and Vanessa was immediately keen to do more Princess-style shoots.

“I thought: this must be what happens after ‘happily ever after’,” explains Vanessa.

Since that first Belle shoot, Vanessa has recreated many more Princess looks for maternity shoots including, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Maleficent.

Pregnancy can be tough for women with all the physical changes they go through and Vanessa says the fairytale shoot gives women a moment to forget about the not-so-magical parts of their journey to motherhood.

“They were removed for an instant from the real world and taken to a world of enchantment,” she explains.

Check out some of the stunning Disney Princess maternity shoot photos below.