A woman's body is a beautiful thing. This is no exception when her belly swells to accommodate a growing baby during pregnancy.

When you're pregnant nine months can feel like a lifetime. As you wait with excitement and anticipation to meet your baby the months and weeks can drag on.

But in truth, in the scheme of your lifetime, nine months is a very short period of time. While you might feel like you've been pregnant forever – especially when those tiny knees and elbows keep you awake at night – you'll look back on this window of time with fondness.

Our Mother & Baby blogger, Jade Morley from Floyd-Henry Morley is seven-months pregnant with twins. She chose to have some maternity portraits to celebrate her glorious, growing belly and capture the gorgeous memories of her pregnancy.

Jade's photos are magnificent. She looks ethereal and graceful.

With stunning, flowing dresses and an amazing beach and pool location, these photos will take your breath away.

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All photographs have been published with full permission.