2020 has been tough for so many and now in the latest blow for parents and children alike, Woolworths has announced they are out of Disney Ooshies.

Yesterday the supermarket giant released a statement confirming the promotion would come to an earlier than the scheduled end date of October 20 due to “unprecedented demand”.

“Availability of Disney Ooshies in store varies from store-to-store in each state and territory, however online redemption of Ooshies will cease everywhere other than Victoria from later today,” Woolworths said in a media release.

“Victoria is excluded from these estimates as their allocation was kept separate from the rest of Australia due to the delayed launch of the Victorian campaign.”

The plastic pencil toppers come free with every $30 spent in the store and with 36 fan favourites across the Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar universes available to collect, many parents have been desperate to complete the set for their kids.

Some parents have not taken the news well and have voiced their anger on the Woolworths Facebook page.

“You owe me 8 Ooshies, I purchased extra branded products to achieve this and suddenly its all gone! Seriously you make the kids want this stuff and cannot figure out how to service your clients, you keep all the promo stuff up in the store etc, this is disgraceful,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

“You have left 100’s of young kids upset. and their parents too. I will NEVER EVER shop in your store again. COLES ALL THE WAY!” vented another.

The Disney Ooshies set includes Elsa, Darth Vader, Buzz Lightyear, Thor, Ariel, Yoda, Black Panther, Moana, and many more.

A spokesperson Woolworths has issued an apology to those people who are upset and have advised completing their set by swapping any extra Ooshies they have with others.

“To our customers, we thank you for your excitement and engagement with the Disney+ Ooshies and apologise for any frustration or disappointment caused by running out of stock,” the Woolworths spokesperson said.

“For those who are still looking to finish their sets, we recommend safely swapping extras or duplicates with family and friends who have also been collecting.”

To complete the set, the supermarket giant advises swapping any duplicate Ooshies you have with family and friends.

Until January 31, 2021, any unwanted Ooshies can be returned to Woolworths and recycled in the dedicated TerryCyle bins.

“TerraCycle will then turn these Ooshies into plastic pellets, which can be used to make outdoor products such as park benches,” Woolworths said in a statement.