A recent survey into what Aussies look forward to most in 2021, a resounding 88 percent want freedom to travel!

With borders open and the trans-Tasmanian bubble in full force, and anticipatory positive discussion around future international bubbles on the horizon for Australia and the Pacific Islands; Travel plans – for the short term and the long term – are a priority for Aussie families.

And now they’re more affordable than ever thanks to Play Travel (a partnership between Afterpay and LawAway Travel) who announced their payment option called Planpay which is an Australian first in the travel sector.

“From the outset our goal has been clear, to make travel accessible to all Australians, families included. We want Aussie families who are budget-conscious to experience the joy and memories you create on a family holiday, whether it’s a bucket-list trip to Disneyland or a Gold Coast resort,” Andrew Paykel, founder of Play Travel Telles Bounty Parents.

“Planpay gives families a responsible way to pay. They don’t need to have large deposits, they can adjust the weekly instalment to suit their household budget, and most importantly it’s not a line of credit. This is old-fashioned lay-by for travel, you pay before you go, and our families love it.

“Recent data is showing Australians are still keen to travel, we’re wanderers at heart, they now just need confidence to book. Planpay means they’re not parting with their money all at once, they can book and pay ahead which gives them flexibility around date changes, which we know is important for families in this current climate.”

Planpay gives families a responsible way to pay.

Planpay gives travellers the opportunity to choose a holiday package or build their own to the value of $12,000 and pay back in weekly interest-free instalments over a 2-12 month period and have the cost of their holiday paid off before they travel.

No more credit card debt, no more nasty surprises!

The purpose-built website allows customers to carefully budget their travel so they can nominate how much they want to contribute to their ‘holiday fund’ on a weekly basis and assemble a suitable itinerary around their budget.

PlanPay is giving customers the freedom and flexibility to pay up to $12,000 in travel before they leave!

So what kind of holidays are Aussie families most excited about?

In a survey conducted by Play Travel in January 2021 about what Aussies look forward to most in 2021, a resounding 88 percent want freedom to travel, compared to 9 percent wanting to go to a music festival or concert, 3 percent wanting large gatherings and only 1 percent to return to the office.

When asked for bucket list destinations, it appears that Aussie travel is top of the agenda, with 41 percent wanting to travel domestically, 14 percent interested in South East Asia, 7 percent wanting to go to NZ (thankfully we can do that now!), 5 percent to Fiji and 5 percent to Japan.

When it comes to accommodation, the luxury of a resort style holiday was alluring to the majority of those survey (52 percent), followed equally by apartment and holiday house style getaway, with 11 percent wanting to experience a campervan holiday, and 44 percent opting for a hotel.

local travel is top of the agenda for Aussie families.

With luxury resorts on the cards, 40 percent want a beach holiday, 28 percent want an adventure holiday, 24 percent want luxury and 7 percent are looking for theme park travel.

And when it comes to paying for the trip, the BNPL option reins strong with 64 percent preferencing Afterpay, 28 percent paying in instalments and 8 percent opting for credit card debt.

Find out more about financing your next holiday with Planpay at Play Travel.