Family-friendly Perth is a must-do on your family-travel bucket list. A vibrant city on the Western Australian coast, Perth has so much to offer families.

Whether you’re looking to relax on pristine beaches with Perth as your base, or explore and experience the bohemian vibe in Freemantle, see the Quokka’s at Rottnest or immerse in the marine playground that is Rockingham, you’ll certainly never be bored.

Boardwalks, bridges, cafes and promenades, as well as some of the most incredible beaches the world have to offer are all on your doorstep on a visit to sunshiney Perth.

You can do it on a budget, or splurge a little on a luxury escape, either way you’ll find much to do – and explore – on your Perth visit.

If luxury is the way you’re leaning, the choice of accommodation is huge, so we’ve helped narrow it down for you.

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7 of the best child-friendly luxury resorts in Perth