Fact: bringing a child into the world is inarguably the most incredible things a woman can do (and believe us, we can do many incredible things).

However, as we’ve seen online/spoken about with friends and colleagues/felt even ourselves at times, the way this wonderful feat can change our bodies doesn’t always leave us feeling as beautiful as we should feel.

Why? Let Anna Strode, mum-of-three and Instagram genius, explain.

Since giving birth to her daughter Madi Grace almost two weeks ago, the fitspirational admits that she felt like she wanted to cover up her post-baby body.

“10 days postpartum and trust me when I say… My first instinct when I went to film this gentle workout was COVER THE HELL UP,” Anna, who posts fitness videos to her Instagram Bubs To Bikinis, begins.

“I put on my compression tights and my Spanx to suck my tummy in as much as I could, put baggy tracksuit pants on to hide the wobbles on my legs and one of hubby’s T-shirts so you couldn’t see my arms or belly.”

“I stood there for a moment and while I felt 'safe' that my post-baby body was hidden, it just didn't feel right.”

She then went on to appreciate what her body has been through over the last nine months: growing and nurturing a gorgeous little girl to full health.

“What have I got to hide? A body that’s just spent 9 months growing a HUMAN that I love so dearly and then given BIRTH?” she continues.

“Why is that something to be ashamed of? My head said cover up but my heart said be proud!

And what she wants all new mums to know?

“Be proud of the body that brought you your children. The children that built your future, the children that make you, YOU!”

“There’s no denying I’m still nervous to post this. Nervous that I will be judged, nervous that society will expect me to ‘bounce back’.”

“I won’t be rushing back into exercise or putting pressure on myself to lose the ‘mummy tummy’. I’ll be doing very gentle exercise to help give me the strength and energy I need to face each day with passion, positivity and patience as a mamma-of-three.”

Preach, Mamma. Preach.