While Bluey brings us plenty of laughs, the animated series is not one to shy away from tackling tough subjects.

Previous episodes have dealt with bullying, separated families, premature babies and more. The hit animated show really does provide viewers, young and old, a snapshot into every day life with all its ups and downs.

Recently, TikTok user Michael aka @world.shaker shared his thoughts on “sad theory” he has that Bluey may be a ‘rainbow baby’.

A ‘rainbow baby’ is a term given to a baby born to a family that has previously lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth or natural causes.

Michael’s revelation came after watching an episode in season 2, titled, The Show. In the ep, we see Bluey and Bingo putting on a show for Mother’s Day about their parents lives.

We see Bingo with an inflated balloon under her top pretending to be pregnant with Bluey. When the balloon accidentally pops, we see Bandit immediately reach for his wife, Chilli’s hand to offer her comfort.

Does a popped balloon symbolise a pregnancy loss?

“Bandit’s first reaction is not to comfort their children, but to comfort his wife,” Michael explains in the now-viral video.

“Quite frankly I think the reason they weren’t so obvious about it is because there’s not really any great way to explain to a child what a miscarriage is,” he says.

“It’s important to remember that Bluey has never been a show that shies away from difficult topics, especially through the lens of a child.

“But seeing as though Bluey is a parents’ show that kids happen to enjoy, I think it’s a little bit more obvious to the parents who are watching.”

Bandit reaches his hand to comfort Chilli in a sign the couple may have previously experienced a pregnancy.

According to statistics, one in four pregnancies in Australia sadly end in loss. The emotional toll can be devastating for couples and many women find it difficult to talk about.

In a subtle and heart-warming way, Bluey has helped to shine a light on the topic of miscarriage and still birth and for that we say thank you. For real life.

The popular TikToker has another theory about Bandit’s dad.

“Every so often someone comments this on one of my Bluey videos that they think that Bandit’s dad, Bob, is dead and… I agree,” explains Michael.

He goes on to say that the show give subtle hints that either Bob has died or has moved to a care facility due to his dementia. Michael explains that Bob has only appeared once in the series, during season one’s Grannies episode where he attempts to floss with Bingo and Bluey’s Nana. Aside from that, he only appears in pictures or flashbacks, he is never there.

No sign of Bob when Nana is babysitting Bluey and Bingo.