The impact of forced isolation has had ripple effects far beyond what many of us imagined when this pandemic began. For many families, life was already pretty hectic, now add juggling working from home, home schooling, trying to keep kids occupied 24/7, and limited ability to move around, all while being separated from extended family, friends and support networks. Is it any surprise that parents are struggling?

The current situation has the potential to significantly impact a person’s mental wellbeing, and this is exacerbated for parents who are trying to occupy and entertain restless kids, with no break in sight.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever for parents to stay connected with family, friends and their community. A little social interaction (whatever form it takes) goes a long way in boosting mental wellbeing and resilience. Plus, there’s no better remedy for a long and trying day than a good debrief with a good friend.

For those feeling a little disconnected and who haven’t got socialising during isolation down pat yet, here are five great apps to keep families connected and thoroughly entertained during this tricky time.

Video calls are a great way to stay connected to loved ones near and far.

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