With COVID-19 throwing the world into a spin, many of us now find ourselves in the challenging position of simultaneously working from home and home schooling our children as the schools operate with a bare minimum of staff to cater to the children of essential workers.

Parents all over the country and indeed the world are turning to virtual learning and class worksheets to get the job done. But with lockdowns and self-isolations looking to be a long-term solution to keeping the pandemic under control we’re going to need more than that to help us get by.

Fortunately, our old mate, television is prepared to come to the rescue.

Plonking our kids down in front of the box to get a moments reprieve to get stuff done is a common weapon in the parenting arsenal, however it doesn’t have to come laden with guilt.

Streaming services like Netflix are laden with education viewing for kids which keep them entertained and educated.

Parent-guilt, be gone!

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite educational viewing from Netflix that is guaranteed to help you find some time to get to the other tasks on your list while the kids are at home.

The best educational shows on Netflix for kids