Ask any parent of a toddler and they will tell you that they are constantly on the go.

That said, this new research shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise but it has stopped us in our track

According to research conducted by Huggies, Aussie toddlers are walking over four times more than adults, taking an average of 17,448 steps a day and covering an average distance of 3.4km.

While the step count alone is already impressive, the research also uncovered that bubs are doing a range of movements, with a daily average of 5,280 crawl steps, 2,640 commando crawls, 2,400 leg kicks, 1,440 bum shuffles and 720 climbs.

Amounting to 1,710 different moves per hour, little ones are doing more reps than an average 45-minute circuit class! I’m exhausted just reading that.

The research set out to uncover just how much Aussie bubs (between six and 36 months) are actually moving – from steps to kicks, to crawls to bumshuffles, ahead of the launch of the new Huggies SlimFLEX Nappy Pant range, specifically designed to help our very active Aussie babies explore the world in ultimate comfort and dryness.

To show that bubs basically never stop being on-the-go, check out the video below staring Matty J and Laura Byrne with their always-on-the-go one-year-old, Marlie–Mae.

The former Bachelor stars, who are also parents to three-month-old, Lola, are shocked by the research regarding just how much toddlers move in a day.

“We knew Marlie–Mae was always running around, but we didn’t realise how many steps toddlers clock up. It’s more than both of us some days! From experience, we know a wet, saggy nappy never makes for a happy baby, so we’re excited to see her explore the world in a Nappy Pant that keeps up with her.”

One-year-old Marlie-Mae keeps parents Laura and Matty J busy.

Bounty Parents spoke to Registered Infant Nurse, Robyn Brennan who agreed the step-count number is a biggie.

“When I read it, I thought it’s pretty impressive if I’ve done 10,000 steps a day and there’s little babies who are doing 17,000. But, I guess when you consider the size of their little feet and their stride it makes sense.”

Robyn goes onto explain why physical activity is so important, even for babies and toddlers.

“It increases their perception and their memory, it increases their language and they learn from movement. Over all it’s important for their physical, mental and spiritual growth.”

Matty J is shocked at how many steps toddlers – including his own daughter, Marlie-Mae – do in a day.

For parents wanting to know how they can encourage their little one to get moving, Robyn says you just need to be involved.

“Parents can encourage movement through unstructured play and getting them involved in everyday activities like watering the garden or hanging out washing. Also head to the park where kids can run around and play.

“Screen time can also be a positive as there are so many dance and aerobic activities you can do online.

“For little babies, parents can lie on the floor and get them to move towards a toy and encouraging hand-eye coordination.”

Robyn says it’s never too early to encourage your child to enjoy physical play.

“The earlier the intervention, the better the long term benefits as it sets them up for a good routine with being active and moving their bodies as they get older. After all, one of the main things health professionals talk about if somebody suffers with depression and anxiety is activity and movement and exercise.”

Huggies new SlimFLEX Absorbent Core is available across the Huggies Ultra Dry and Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pant ranges, instore and online now.