If you’re not yet familiar with My NooK, prepare to join the thousands of Australian parents who are freaking out over this clever play sofa.

The product was launched in October last year and with each release of the product – a 10 piece kids play sofa – they are selling out in record time.

As part furniture and part toy, the blurb on the company’s website describes My NooK as a product that was designed for “Play, Comfort and Sleep.. to create fun, imaginative play, we knew we needed lots of individual pieces which would come together in endless combinations.”

“We took inspiration from the four basic shapes of design – we created square base cushions as our main building blocks; triangular back cushions for castles, tea parties and obstacle courses; rectangular bolsters for building support, resting your head or jousting; and circular cushions for sitting, resting and they also make a mean frisbee!  When the fun has all been too much – sit, relax, recline or sleep on a supportive and soft flat surface bigger than a double bed!”

The NooK can even be a trampoline.

So why do parents love it?  Olivia Rudomino who founded My NooK with her husband Patrick, says the pair set out to create a high-quality, luxe product that would withstand even the most rambunctious toddler or teen while still looking beautiful in the home and they nailed it.

“We have three children of our own so we understand what needs to go into a kids product to make it really last,” explains Olivia.

“We went through 23 prototypes of our NooKs until we landed on the right one and we use a commercial grade fabric that is soft but strong and, most importantly, easy to clean. We were very focused on creating a versatile product – whether it was to be made into a cubby house, a sleepover bed, an obstacle course or the perfect spot for family movie nights!”

From luxe couch to play car.

In a past year that has been a struggle for families with lockdowns, homeschooling and COVID-19 restrictions, it seems the NooK launched at just the right time for parents who were desperate to keep their kids busy at home.

“I think the period of COVID lockdown and the uncertainty of 2020 has caused us all to reevaluate – for us it meant so much more time as a family at home,” says Olivia.

“This really caused us to look more closely at what we had accumulated and what added value to our play and living environment!  I think so many of us have gone through this process over the past year and we are increasingly looking to support quality Australian Made products that enhance our home and play!”

The Rudominos are proud of their product and even prouder that it is all made in Australia at their Sydney factory.

“Since we launched we have created 15 new jobs,” says Patrick.

“We are proud to be able to support Australian manufacturing and ensure that these quality upholstery skills are not lost. My NooK is actually about so much more than a kids play sofa.”

Now, that’s an impressive cubby house.

The brand has quickly gained more than 25,000 followers on Instagram from parents eager to get their hands on this must-have product. My NooK has also captured the attention of influencers including Tori Rees who has three sons with husband and children’s entertainer, Jimmy Rees.

“The NooK is the best investment we have made. My three boys love playing on it and using it as an obstacle course! It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” says Tori.

The NooK is also beneficial when it comes to encouraging creative play for kids. Lisa Hughes, the Director and Senior Clinician at Occupational Therapy Helping Children, says:

“The NooK provides great opportunities for imaginative play as there are endless builds that kids can create. We’ve had children build spaceships, diggers, fairy castles, cubby’s, fort’s and every day they seem to come up with something new. Imaginative play is the foundation for creative writing.

“When working in a group, imaginative play requires children to have a conversation, play with their peers, negotiate, co-operate with each other, be friendly and develop shared imaginary ideas.”

For more information and to order a play sofa, visit My NooK.