Mum-of-two, Laura Byrne has shared a parenting hack in her Instagram stories and we can safely file it away under ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!”

The Bachelor star and her Bachy fiancé Matty J welcomed their second daughter, a sweet little bundle named Lola Ellis Johnson earlier this year, and are sharing their life as a family of four alongside adorable one-year-old, Marlie-Mae with fans on social media.

On Wednesday night, while watching MAFS, new mum Laura took to her stories to share a little hack that helps keep Lola settled and ooh boy is it a good one …

Beauty, Laura shared: “So I have a little parenting hack for anyone who has a newborn that doesn’t like to be put down and always wants to be held.”

In her typical humour, the Life Uncut podcast host also added with a cheeky smile: “Which never gets annoying, it’s really fun!”

With a knowing grin, Laura then told fans to “get yourself a wheat pack!”

The camera then pans down to show a contented little Lola laying beside Laura on the lounge, snug as a bug with a green what pack laying across her mid section.

“‘Cause she thinks that’s my arm,” Laura concludes.

See? We told ya #genius. You can see the full video above, but before you do, scroll down for more genius hacks that make new mum life easier …

“…she thinks that’s my arm!”

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