Your little one's strength of will and curiosity are growing by the day, and this will most likely result in growing independence and capability with a range of life skills.

There's going to be a LOT of "I can do it!" or similar expressions that show their desire to be in charge.

The trick is to allow them to flex their independent muscles and complete tasks themselves, while ensuring they are safe and maintaining hygiene levels.

Asserting independence is great for confidence building and problem solving, but when it comes to self-care (tasks like tooth brushing and toileting), it's important to maintain your supervision at this age.

The physical dexterity to dress themselves is one thing, the whole "are they wearing something appropriate for the weather/occasion" is an entirely different issue.

Asserting independence is great for confidence building and problem solving. Image: Getty.

Helping your little one master the art of buttons, zips and armholes can be a frustrating stage but it will make the world of difference to you once they can.

Practice on dolls and play dress-ups so they are honing their skills without the pressure of needing to get out the door.

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If the dressing/choosing routine is becoming a drama, there are a few options.

Let them go to preschool/daycare in what they want and just send the clothes you'd prefer along with them, or pick out an outfit with them the night before when you're not in a morning rush.

Their "fashion" choices may not fit your vision, but let them go for it at this age – independence day is upon you.