Happy days! You've survived the 'terrible twos' – but before you start high-fiving each other, be aware that toddler-style tantrums may still be in your life for a few years yet!

The good news is that three-year-olds are more able to understand complex situations, so theoretically you can reason with them and explain what they've done wrong when they're acting out – and they can learn from their mistakes.

As parents we strive to grow responsible, considerate and well-behaved children. Here are some positive parenting techniques that are realistic for this age:

  • Set a good example so your child learns self-control. The ability to control their thoughts and actions will help as they're learning to handle emotions and get along with others. Full self-control is a few years off but they're watching you closely for cues. Show them how you can stay calm, stick to a plan to get what you want and even resist temptation.

Say what you mean, mean what you say and don't give choices if there aren't any. Image: Getty.

  • Let your child help set rules and discuss consequences – kids often misbehave or become confused when limits are not clear. If they break rules you've agreed upon, remind them that they also chose the consequence.

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  • Say what you mean, mean what you say and don't give choices if there aren't any. When you can, however, give your child simple options as this teaches them to make decisions and gives them a sense of control.
  • Age-appropriate chores can be introduced to promote responsibility and hands-on learning. Actively demonstrate how to complete the household chore rather than just verbally describing it or use picture boards they can refer to that breaks down a job into steps.