We’re taking a look at the latest in Smart Baby Monitors, the BW5151R Smart Baby Monitor series, the latest offering from Uniden who are a leading award winning brand in the baby monitor space.

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The product features …

What makes the new Smart Baby Monitor from Uniden special is a dual model 2-in-1 Smart Baby Monitor. It comes with a monitor/ camera to watch the baby in another room but also can be connected through a smart phone to watch remotely (i.e. Great for Grandparents that want to check in on their grandkids).

Available in single and twin camera packs.

The BW5151R Smart Baby Monitor technology is amazing and the features include:

  • FULL HD 1080P Camera
  • 5” colour screen
  • Pan and tilt camera that can be accessed remotely from the monitor or the app on your smart phone and can be moved by up to 355 degrees
  • Room temperature display and an alert
  • Room humidity display and alerts
  • The monitor plays a selection of gentle lullabies (up to 14)
  • The 2-way “Walkie Talkie” function allows you to talk to baby remotely from the monitor or smart phone which is great to use for soothing bub.
  • Night vision technology
  • The product connects to iPhone – wireless video monitor and accessing the app
  • Remote view, anytime, anywhere in the world: Benefits of the iPhone app is that parents can check in or grandparents can see their grandchildren from anywhere in the world.
  • The monitor also has a climate display and a set temperature range alert for your baby’s room

Additional cameras are available and Uniden have a BW515PTR (Show the camera byitself) and it can be added to the monitor or work by itself paired to your smartphone. For those that are extra technie the cameras work with your Google or Alexa Displays as well.

The Uniden BW5151R smart baby monitor is a complete solution to infant monitory, providing parents with peace of mind. You can find Uniden products at all good baby stores and electrical appliance retailers.