In Australia, with so much water around, it’s common sense to get your baby used to the water as early as possible.

Plus, there’s not much cuter than a sweet little bub splashing around happily.

There is, however, an awkward little hazard that comes along with that!

Swim nappies aren’t just a sweet accessory, they’re a must-have for peace of mind when swimming before toilet training has occurred! Ain’t nobody wants to be swimming in a toilet!

Designed to trap solid waste without being so absorbent that they become heavy and a hazard, swim nappies need to be safe as well as cute!

Aside from it being good etiquette, many swim centres and pools make it a requirement for bubs who aren’t toilet trained to be wearing a good quality swim nappy.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourites in the gallery below …

Nobody wants to be swimming in a toilet!

9 of the best swim nappies to get your little one in the water safely