For many women, finding a comfortable and flattering pair of jeans is not an easy task.

What looks good in the change room, often doesn’t live up to your expectations once taken out for a spin in the real world.

Whether they are just not the right cut, too tight or too loose, finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finally stumbling across the holy grail.

But rest assured, once you find a favourite pair of denims, they will become one of your most treasured wardrobe items.

Could the search for the perfect pair of jeans be over?

Dress them up for dinner with heels and a nice top or wear them with a tee and trainers to the park with the kids, the genius thing about jeans is that they can be worn anywhere, any time.

Now, we hear you – we know that what you’re looking for are jeans made from soft denim (not the scratchy stuff), ones with a little (but not too much!) stretch, a flattering on-trend cut and a style that is popular and deserving of compliments.

Enter the OG of jeans, Levi’s 501s have been around for 149 years and jean lovers have been obsessing over this iconic brand for centuries. Want to know why? Because they excel at creating jeans with a flattering fit.

Jean lovers have been obsessing over Levi’s jeans for centuries. Read: 149 years!

Dressed up or dressed down, worn fitted or oversized, dark or faded, straightforward or customised… through the many eras and styles of the last century and a half, there has been one constant: the Levi’s 501, straight leg, button fly. It’s the iconic blue jean embraced by everyone, from movie stars to mamas, from factory workers to CEO’s.

Not only are they stylish, but Levi’s 501 are sustainable too. Made to be highly durable, these jeans wear well, in fact, they look better with age. That’s right, a trusty pair of 501s will last for decades.

And, with Levi’s® Water<Less, the modern 501 is finished using up to 96% less water than in typical denim finishing, they are a much more sustainable denim option too.

To find out if Levi’s 501s are the perfect pair for you and for more information about the Levi’s® brand, its products and stores visit Levi’s.

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