Zoe and her husband, NRL player Benji Marshall celebrated their son’s third birthday over the weekend and the superhero-themed bash was nothing short of spectacular.

The podcast host, who is pregnant with her second child, shared the impressive party photos to Instagram.

In the first pic, Zoe, 36 is dressed as Superwoman, Benji is kitted out as Captain America and while the birthday boy himself, Benjamin Fox Marshall is possibly the cutest little Iron Man we’ve ever seen.

Zoe captioned the image: “The Super Marshalls are coming to get ya! (Beware party pics coming in hot)”

Zoe and Benji threw an epic third birthday party for their son, Fox.

Alongside a family photo that shows Fox grinning from ear-to-ear and more pics showing off the super party set-up, Zoe writes:

“Every year I say it’s the last year we throw a big party for Fox and then @maryronisevents and I start talking and I get excited and I know how much it will mean to him. I never ever had a party like this! He’s so lucky! But I remember all my parties (whether at Pizza Hut or sizzler) and they were full of so many incredibly memories and I want that for my family.”

Zoe finished by thanking all the party suppliers. “I want to thank every incredible creative that helped bring this together!”

Speaking to Bounty Parents, the super mama recently opened up about juggling pregnancy second time around and life with a toddler.

“It is full on, totally insane. But I’ve never laughed as much as I do around Fox. He is the light of my life and so excited to have a little sister,” she says.

“With Fox, I was glowing, I had energy, I got to focus on each stage of the pregnancy. I guess the second time around I’ve got another little person to look after so I probably feel the pinch a little more on my body, whilst I’m running around after Fox and managing The Deep (my other baby).”

“I have to say, this second pregnancy is hard. I am always totally exhausted. I feel so fortunate to be pregnant, but it’s not an easy ride for me right now.  I’m trying to balance it all – work, parenting and making a baby and being a present partner is tricky, but I’m a strong believer in giving support, and allowing myself to have support, and that makes a huge difference.”

Shortly after announcing she was expecting her second child, Zoe shared to Instagram how tough pregnancy can be on your body as it goes through all the changes to accommodate growing a small human and now in her second trimester, Zoe admits it hasn’t got any easier.

“It’s been a struggle physically, I think the weight gain is obviously the most superficial part, but I just feel so heavy. Moving, getting off the couch, not feeling like myself is weird. Then add in the gory parts, constipation, skin tags, chaffing thighs, pubic synthesis… it’s hard. But a bloody miracle.”

When it comes to parenting, there is one value in particular that Zoe and Benji are keen to instill in their son – and in time to their daughter as well – and that is the importance of helping others and voluteering in any ways you can.

“Fox and I recently volunteered our time at Salvos Stores in St Peters.  This is a store that receives 20,000 pre loved items a week – which is astounding. If people don’t volunteer their time to support, organistions simply won’t exist which would impact many members of our community in a crippling way,” explains Zoe.

“At Salvos Stores, for example, I know there are more than 10,000 volunteers that contribute their time to the network of 330 stores across Australia. The global pandemic has meant that many of these volunteers pulled back their commitments.  The impact this has had on the organisation is profound, and they need our help now more than ever.”

While Fox is still coming around to the idea of giving away his toys, Zoe says she will continue to encourage him to give to others.

“I must say, teaching Fox to share is something we are always working on – but thankfully I’m reassured that he is really young still and that it is totally normal for little people to not want to part with their toys,” she laughs.

“I guess we try to talk to him regularly about how giving, in any way we can, can often help someone else. I’ll show him that giving your time, be that volunteering at Salvos Stores or buying some groceries for the lady at the front of the shops who has no home, is a totally normal thing to do, and being of service and giving where you can is what supports a functional society.”