Former Miss Universe Australia, Jesinta Franklin celebrated her daughter’s first birthday over the weekend and instead of splashing out on a professional cake the 29-year-old baked one herself.

Sharing the photos of the homemade unicorn cake to Instagram, the model who is eight month’s pregnant with her second child, wrote that she was initially going to make Tullulah a healthy cake but ended up going for one “with more sugar than I could have imagined”.

Nonetheless, the end result was very impressive.

“Tullulah’s 1st Birthday party 🎉 we celebrated with family a little early today and it was just so special,” wrote Jesinta.

“I had grand plans of making a fabulous healthy cake …. (I’m laughing now) but we’re in a serviced apartment waiting for our home to finish being built. So with limited kitchen accessories (not even a measuring cup or measuring spoons) I settled for a cake mix and icing that was jammed packed with more sugar than I could have imagined 😂

Jesinta celebrated her daughter’s first birthday on the weekend with an impressive homemade cake.

“Kind of sums up my first year of motherhood,” she joked. “You just have to go with the flow & as long as you do it with love, that’s all matters!”

She continued: “Lulu didn’t even want a piece of the cake so I’m so glad I didn’t bloody soak cashews to make a vegan cream cheese frosting or waste money on organic ingredients 😂😂 “

Jesinta used a cake mix and plenty of icing to whip up the cake.

Jesinta finished the post by saying baking her children’s birthday cake herself is a family tradition she plans to continue.

“Mum always made me a special bday cake and I can’t wait to continue this tradition for our children… boxed cake mix, sugar, lollies and all!”

Jesinta used a pink unicorn baking tin to get the shape of the head just right.

Ta-da! The unicorn cake is complete.

Jesinta and her AFL star husband, Buddy Franklin welcomed Tullulah in February last year after struggling to conceive and were surprised to fall pregnant again so soon after.

“It was a very big surprise for us. Tullulah will be getting a sibling at the end of March next year so she will have just turned one,” revealed Jesinta in an interview at the end of 2020.

“I’ll have a 13-month and a newborn, which was very daunting at first.”