When Katie Harley added to her ‘Eliza tries…’ videos on TikTok, she wasn’t expecting it to cause such divided responses, or for it to go viral.

Previously, when the 23-year-old from South Carolina posted videos of her adorable six-month-old daughter trying pomegranate and also a smoothie, she got around 4000 comments.

But when she shared ‘Eliza tries steak’ next, she got 42,000 and 400 comments – with a re-share titled ‘People loooovve giving parenting advice to people who didn’t ask for’ getting more than 200,000 views and 700-plus comments.

And the parents are divided!

A barrage of negative comments followed, but most commenters were concerned that baby Eliza would choke.

🥰🥰. I’m too scared. my wife’s cousin choked on a piece of meat & passed away the day before Thanksgiving and he was only 2 🥺🥺

omg be careful mama choking alert

choking hazard.😳

Others were worried that the six-month-old would get sick, although comments bordered on offensive, and the mum admitted that she had deleted a bunch of posts about child and animal abuse.

That’s not even cooked 😳

you mean gave your baby salmonella…….I mean steak😂

I just asked google & it said no rare or medium rare meat for babies or young toddlers. Their stomachs can’t handle the potential bacteria

can babies eat raw meat 😏

The only problem I have with this is the fact that it’s not cooked lol I don’t give parenting advice though😇

Baby gone have worms and parasites

She clearly just trying to get her kid sick

Katie responded to critics explaining that she had discussed feeding Eliza steak with her paediatrician.

Katie Harley posted a follow-up video with the caption ‘When the vegans start commenting on my video of me feeding my daughter steak’.

Others were ill-informed commenting on the ‘blood’, and they were quickly put straight by other posters.

This is so cute, but the blood on the straps😏

All that blood

The steak isn’t raw 😂 the “blood” is actually myoglobin. It’s protein, baby is fine.

All of the people saying something about the “blood” 😳😂

People in this comment section🙃😭 “Raw meat is not okay” YOU CAN EAT RED MEAT RAW

Gorgeous six-month-old Eliza clearly loves her steak, and her mum makes sure she’s close by, watching her.

She uploaded a second video of her daughter eating a steak, captioned: ‘People loooove giving parenting advice to people who didn’t ask.’

In both videos, there was lots of positivity too, with many asking questions about when Katie started offering Eliza steak, and talking about baby-led weaning.

Cute and totally your right as a parent, but the juices getting on the fabric is stressing me out 😅

Baby lead weaning is so much fun ! I bet baby enjoyed that !

The texture prolly feels good to the gums 🥰

It’s okay as long as you are watching them closely. My daughter is 10 m & I give her a whole slice of pizza 😂

My daugjter did this baby led weaning to. I think thats what its called

My daughter was eating spoonfuls of caviar at 7 months old. We skipped steak 😂

Only thing I’m made about is he ain’t got a side salad, baked potato and a ice cold beer 😂

My kids are vegan so it’s a no for me but you know everyone talking smack are feeding their kids hot dogs and bear paws all day sooooo lol

Would you – have you – tried baby-led weaning?