Many new mums can feel lonely as they adjust to life with a newborn and now, during this time of uncertainty, those feelings of isolation are likely to be heightened.

Someone who has recently transitioned into motherhood is former Today Show newsreader, Sylvia Jeffreys who gave birth to her son, Oscar in February, 2020.

In a heartwarming message to her 245,000 Instagram followers, Sylvia reached out to new mothers who might be feeling disconnected due to mothers groups and social gatherings being cancelled amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“While it’s a good time to be living in a little 💓 bubble with nowhere to go, I’m conscious of the confusion and anxiety that many new mums might be feeling right now,” Sylvia wrote, alongside a beautiful selfie alongside her baby boy, Oscar.

“Mother’s groups – a social lifeline for many – have been cancelled, libraries closed, cafes are being avoided. So I just wanted to send some love and virtual hugs to other mamas out there who might be feeling extra isolated. Drop a comment below if you want to connect, chat about reflux, LOL about 💩namis, recommend some bingeworthy series, or share your sleep secrets. Let’s chat and be kind and stay connected. Big love, from us 💓 #togetherathome.”

“I just wanted to send some love and virtual hugs to other mamas out there,” wrote Sylvia in a post to her followers.

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Sylvia’s beautiful message struck an emotional chord with mums and it was flooded with comments thanking Sylvia for her kind words. Followers were also quick to share their own personal motherhood stories and isolation tips.

“Thank you so much for reaching out. I have a 10 week old baby boy and staying home is out best option atm. We do go for daily walks to get fresh air and mum to get some exercise. Hope you are enjoying motherhood just as much as me 😍😍” wrote one new mama.

Sylvia, attempting to respond back to as many comments as she could, wrote: “I’m with you, loving our daily dose of fresh air. We are just extra careful to keep a safe distance from others along the way, which sounds rude…but rude is the new kind. Love to you and your peanut xx”

Another follower wrote: “Hope you are also feeling suppported in yourself x”

And Sylvia, who is married to journalist, Peter Stefanovic, replied: “I am absolutely. Very lucky to have a husband who’s home during the day and family a FaceTime away. Xx

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Knowing how supportive mother’s groups can be, one mum suggested to Sylvia to set-up an online mum’s group to stay connected.

“I really looked forward to my mums group in those early months. Especially for a first time mum. Maybe the mums group can organise a Facebook group for you so you can all still connect. It’s so important to be able to debrief and normalise so many things!”

Great advice and a tip Sylvia had already sorted with her mum friends.

“We’ve set up a WhatsApp group, which will see us through for now. And I’m super lucky to have lots of friends with new bubs who I can call on for advice. FaceTime will be king for a while. 💙,” she wrote.

Another mama suggested a list of shows for Sylvia (and the rest of us!) to binge watch during self-isolation, writing:

“Oooooh so many great binge worthy series to recommend- here are just a few:
Catastrophe- Stan
The Split – Stan
Years & Years – SBS On Demand
The Stranger – Netflix
Harlan Coben’s Safe Netflix
Derry Girls – Netflix
Hope that’s a good start from a mixture of streaming services.
Enjoy mammas and I would be happy to add to the list if you get through these 😂😘
Let’s pray our streaming services do not crash on us x”

To which Sylvia simply replied, “legend, thank you 💕💕”

Oh Sylvia, it is you who are the legend! With your kind words you’ve connected with other mamas during this tough time and for that we are grateful. Thank you.