Sesame Street has been entertaining and teaching children all over the world for than 50 years but the clever team behind the puppets are always on top of trends and important cultural changes and world views.

Covid vaccination for kids has everyone talking, with parents anxious about what’s best for their child, and children nervous about another needle.

Enter, Granny Bird!

He might be big, but Big Bird is still just a child who need reassurance from his grandma about what Covid is and why it’s important to get jabbed.

Yes, it’s aimed at Sesame Street‘s American audience, but Granny Bird’s message is relevant to all parents and kids.

“I made the decision to get Big Bird vaccinated because Covid vaccines are the best way to keep yourself, our friends and neighbours, and me safe and healthy,” Granny Bird says. “The vaccine is going to help my bird and all the kids out there stay safe and healthy.”

You can watch the video clip here.


Sesame Street has always housed a diverse community and promoted harmony and inclusion and, in more recent years, they’ve introduced characters with specific traits or personalities.

This teaches kids (and adults) about other people’s challenges and how to integrate everyone, have fun and be respectful; plus is allows differently abled kids to see themselves represented in the media.

Here are a few of Sesame Street‘s newest and most diverse characters.