The newest TikTok challenge to go viral is the ‘Cuddle Your Toddler Challenge’ and be warned, it’s freaking adorable!

The #cuddlechallenge is super easy. Parents simply test their little ones’ cuddling abilities by sitting next to them while they are watching their favourite television show.

Mum or dad then place their head into their child’s lap to see how they react.

In the majority of TikToks, the kids are only too happy to accept a snuggle from their parents while they watch TV.

The results are heartwarming and for those little ones who fail the challenge and don’t want their mum or dad interrupting their television viewing, get set for some giggles.

Canadian model Coco Rocha took part in the #cuddlechallenge with her two-year-old son, Iver and shared the below clip with her 1.5 million Instagram followers.

She captioned the clip: “It’s usually just @iverconran and I from 6am to 7:45am when the rest of the family wakes up. He really is the sweetest little man I know… 😢”

Prepare for ALL the feels with the below clip.

A mum lays down on her son’s lap and the little boy immediately starts to cuddle her head before covering his mama’s face in kisses.


Hilariously, a mum shared this cuddle ‘fail’ with her daughter. Her daughter can be seen trying to escape from the snuggle and when asked, “Can’t I snuggle with you?”

Her daughter is quick to reply: “No!”

No wonder the mum captioned the clip: “No cuddles for me” and used the following hashtags #fail #savage and #thattoddlerlife

Here’s another little girl who wasn’t happy with her favourite TV show being interrupted by her mum looking for some affection. See the sweet but hilarious ‘cuddle fail’ below.