Matty J and Laura Byrne are the stuff of Bachelor fairytales. After meeting on season five of The Bachelor in 2017, the loved-up pair welcomed their daughter Marlie-Mae in June last year.

The months have flown by and the adorable one-year-old is growing up fast but, her entry into the world wasn’t exactly smooth sailing.

On the last episode of Matty J’s The Babble Podcast, the 33-year-old shared the story of Marlie-Mae’s birth, which is both hilarious and a little scary!

What do you get when you combine a mum-to-be in the final stages of labour, a miscommunication with an obstetrician and some very, very strong drugs?

“It was funny, we had the midwife in the room and then just kind of at the last little stage where the head’s about to pop out, and Marlie got stuck,” explains Matty.

“And then all of a sudden we had the midwife in the room, and three doctors in the room, and an obstetrician in the room, and it took quite a while.

“The funny thing is the head obstetrician, the godfather of obstetricians came into the room,” Matty J went on, saying how everyone else was shocked that the boss was there.

“He stood there at the back of the room and he’s maybe about 65 or so, and he looked at Laura and he said, ‘Look, the baby’s a little bit stuck so I need you to push. You can push me away. Push me away!.’ And he kept saying that. And what he meant was, if you push I won’t have to step in’.”

“But Laura, who’s high on drugs at this point was like ‘Push you away?’ So she kind of like leant up from the bed, grabbed him and just pushed him. This 65-year-old man, who was so well respected in the hospital, and he was flat on his back.”

Luckily for Laura, the obstetrician still went on to deliver Marlie-Mae like the professional he is.

Matty and Laura got engaged in April 2019 and Laura recently gave a sweet shout-out to her finace who celebrated his second Father’s Day last Sunday.

“Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s out there, but most of all to this magnificent Dad,” Laura shared to Instagram.

“Marlie won the official Dad lotto with you. WE LOVE YOU!!!!”

Matty J recently opened up to the Sydney Morning Herald about his own estrangement from his father, following his parents divorce and how he is grateful for being able to spend this precious time at home with Marlie.

“I’ve been able to be the stay-at-home dad and get to know my daughter. It’s been quite amazing,” he told the publication.

“My parents divorced when I was 12. Mum raised five children on her own and worked full-time. Only now that I’m a parent can I understand how difficult that must have been.”

Matty went onto say that fatherhood has made him very emotional.

“I feel very emotional as a dad. I was always that guy who noticed other dads in the park playing with their kids long before I had my own child.”