Lindy Rama-Ellis, who is the ex-wife of Australian swimming legend Michael Klim has revealed that she and her family are battling the mosquito-borne viral disease, Dengue Fever at their home in Bali.

Fears of contracting COVID-19 in hospital on the island which has not taken any measures to shut down, mean the model has chosen to nurse herself and family at home.

Speaking with The Herald Sun on Thursday the 43yo shared that herself, husband, British Property Developer Adam Ellis, and four children – Stella, 13, Frankie, eight, Rocco, 11, and Goldie, three – had all contracted the virus.

The entire family has come down with the mosquito borne viral disease and are recuperating at home in Bali.

“We didn’t want to go to the hospital in case we caught COVID-19,” says Lindy. “We are still recovering. We have to wear face masks but life is normal, they’re not locking things down.”

“It’s sad for the locals because 80 to 90 percent of tourists have gone and there’s no other form of income so crime and homelessness is running rife.”

According to the Balinese Government as of Thursday the island, which has a population of 4.22 million, has had 349,160 confirmed cases of COVID-19 of which 4411 are new cases and a staggering 12,268 confirmed deaths from the killer disease.

“They just figure if you get [coronavirus], you get it. Malaria and typhoid are more common and they are way worse. It’s super sad,” said the model and socialite.

Indonesian Princess, Lindy and Australian Olympic swimmer, Michael Klim divorced in 2016 and Lindy returned to Bali with their children Stella, Rocco and Frankie.

Two years after their divorce in August 2018, the model and socialite remarried after falling in love with British property developer Adam Ellis and the pair welcomed daughter Goldie in December 2017.

Everyone gets along well, with the extended family reporting to all be great friends.

Everyone gets along fine! the blended family get together to celebrate Rocco’s birthday in May.

Lindy most recently gained notoriety for launching her “ultimate pampering product” for vulvas. yep … vulvas.

The entrepreneur claimed to have spent $75 per week on the designer masks which she sells on her wellness website Big Femme. The designer vagina masks are designed to “hydrate, soothe and protect” the skin, while also smoothing out wrinkles on the vulva.

Claims which have been vehemently denied by experts in the field such as Australian sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein who recommends seeking medical attention if you are concerned about the appearance of your vulva, rather than beauty websites.

Speaking with a local publication, Dr Goldstein said: “It’s okay to have blemishes on your vulva. We should be getting to the point of embracing our vulvas just the way they are and focusing on keeping them healthy, not ‘improving’ their appearance.”