By Chanelle Mansour

Jules Sebastian posted an adorable throwback photo to her Instagram on Thursday, March 3, alongside a lengthy caption to celebrate her son Hudson’s milestone birthday.

“This kid is a bundle of energy and has an unquenchable passion for life. He is the first to offer a helping hand and the direct centre of all the fun,” the mum-of-two began.

“He likes things loud and fast. His ability to never stop moving is unmatched!”

Jules and Guy met when they were 13 and have been married since 2008.

Jules went on to reflect how Hudson woke her up with “some tumble turns in my tummy” at 4am on the day of his birth to let her know he would be arriving two weeks earlier than his due date.

“And this morning, like clockwork, he bounced into our bedroom at 4am to let us know he would like to begin his birthday NOW. Bless his heart,” she said.

“I’m thankful to him for making me a Mum. He has taught me so much. He is the light in every room and the good time in every day.”

She added: “We love you Huddie boy. You make us proud with your sweet heart and your joyful spirit -have the best 10th year!”

In the photo, a younger Jules is holding her baby boy in her arms when he was just a newborn, further empathising just how much they’ve both grown since.

And while Hudson made Jules and her husband Guy Sebastian parents for the first time, their family wasn’t complete until they welcomed their second son, Archer.

When he turned seven in April 2021, Jules also shared some sweet words for her youngest at the time.

“Archie boy, you are the brightest light and we love you beyond words,” she wrote alongside a photo of the birthday boy

Jules shared a throwback photo of when Hudson was a newborn.

In another post for Mother’s Day last year, Jules reflected on her journey through motherhood, explaining that while she used to strive to be “the perfect mother”, she’s since learned that it doesn’t always go as planned.

“What I’ve discovered over my 9 years in the drivers seat is that motherhood is messy. It’s not a straight line-emotionally, physically or mentally,” she said.

“I bump around all day every day trying things that don’t work, dropping several of the juggling balls and missing moments I wanted to nail, only to discover that at the end of it all-everybody is just fine.”

She added that what she’s discovered is she “can’t save my boys from their own life experiences” as they have to live their own lives and make mistakes in order to learn.

“What I’ve discovered over my 9 years in the drivers seat is that motherhood is messy.”

“And although, as a Mum, you want to step in and protect every single little possible thing that might ever happen to them, you know it helps them grow stronger, be more resilient and well….become good humans.”

She continued to write that she has lived by doing her best with what she has and what works best for her family, no matter what it might look like for someone else’s life.

“Motherhood is a privilege, and a sacrifice, a badge of honour and the blood in our veins. It test us, challenges us and pushes us to our nth degree,” she said.

“It wakes us up, it shakes us to our core, teaches us our greatest lessons and who we truly are… Every day is a curve ball, and I’m just over here trying to catch it! But it’s my curveball and I think I’m doing pretty good!”

This article appeared on Now to Love and is republished here with permission.