The past year has been a big one for comedian Jimmy Rees who decided to spend his downtime during the pandemic making funny home videos and posting them online.

The 33-year-old is now a fully-fledged social media star. His videos, including the ones most famously about Australia’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis and the squabbling which goes on between the state premiers have been watched millions of times via Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Before becoming a viral social media star, Jimmy was known primarily to parents and children who watched him star as Jimmy Giggle, host of the ABC Kids’ show, Giggle and Hoot for 11 years.

The comedian also danced his way into the hearts of millions when he appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2019.

As a dad-of-three, Jimmy is also known for making some hilariously relatable parenting videos.

Jimmy shares his children –  five-year-old, Lenny and one-year-old twin boys, Mack and Vinny – with his wife Tori Rees who he met in a pub 12 years ago.

Here’s a look inside Jimmy and Tori’s relationship from then until now.

Jimmy Rees with his wife Tori and their three, Lenny, Mack and Vinny sons.

When Jimmy met Tori

Jimmy met Tori, a school teachers, while working at a pub in Mount Eliza, Victoria. After a year of dating, the couple moved to Sydney for Jimmy’s role on Giggle & Hoot and in 2013 the loved-up pair tied the knot.

Last year, Tori shared a wedding photo to Instagam for the couple’s seven year anniversary alongside a gushing dedication to her husband:

“7 year itch huh!? I don’t know about you but with our little tribe of boys I’ve got more love for you than I could have ever imagined! Thank you for all you do for me and our family! You really are the best!”

“I’ve got more love for you than I could have ever imagined!” Tori is smitten with her man.

The couple welcome their first child

In 2015, Jimmy and Tori welcomed a son, Lenny David Rees.

“It’s so nice to have a mini-me. It’s just the most amazing thing. To see his little face for the first time… we were overjoyed,” Jimmy told Woman’s Day at the time.

Double the love with twins

In February 2019, twin boys arrived. Announcing the news to Instagram, Jimmy wrote:

“THE BABIES ARE HERE!!!! Tori and I couldn’t be prouder to share the safe arrival of Mack & Vinny (2.46kg & 2.33kg). Both boys are doing amazing!!”

Praising his wife, Jimmy said: “Tori is a total superstar, she was born to be a mummy and continues to surprise me with her innate ability to just know what to do!!! Our hearts have doubled in size!! Prepare for some serious baby spam!!!”

Jimmy and his wife welcomed twin boys in 2019.

Newborn Mack fights for his life

Jimmy was competing on Dancing With The Stars when his twin boys, Mack and Lenny arrived. At seven-weeks-old, Mack was rushed to hospital after complications following a routine procedure and Jimmy quit the dancing competition to be with his son.

In a post on the official Jimmy Rees Facebook page, it was confirmed that Mack was in ICU at a Sydney hospital.

“Mack is in a stable condition, and at this time there is no cause for immediate alarm,” the post read.

“We would appreciate if the families privacy could be respected at this time, however Jimmy and Tori would like to formally thank everyone for their well wishes, and hope they will manifest in a speedy recovery for their son.”

Tori explained that Mack was getting a “simple tongue tie fixed” when his main blood vessel was accidentally cut during the procedure. He was rushed via ambulance to hospital and need CPR, a blood transfusion and is now on a ventilator.

“We are speechless,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

Thankfully, Mack went on to make a full recovery.

Jimmy has his hands full with one-year-old twin boys and five-year-old, Lenny.

Jimmy and Tori’s fertility struggles

While the couple now have three children, the road to parenthood wasn’t an easy one for the comedian and his wife.

“We had a struggle falling pregnant,” Jimmy has previously admitted. “It wasn’t the biggest struggle in the whole wide world, but we had miscarriages and we were so excited, and then we were so disappointed and disheartened.

“People don’t talk about miscarriages but it’s just so common. It’s heartbreaking and the same thing going through IVF. It’s demoralising and heart breaking and it’s so hard. It’s amazing what that you can do it, this medical intervention that gives you a child,” he said.

“But it is gruelling. Sharing it just allows people to talk about it and it doesn’t have to be on Instagram or on Facebook but they’ll talk about it with their family and friends, or even with their partner – because people find it hard.”

Taking to Instagram after the arrival of her twins, Tori has shared a heartfelt message to anyone experiencing fertility issues.

“I would really like to take this time when I am sharing our families insanely special time to acknowledge the hardships so many families and women are going through in their own fertility journey,” she wrote at the time.

“Jimmy and I had a very personal tough journey that is so important to acknowledge. Those families who are struggling- please stay strong, please don’t give up hope on that family, please get help in whatever way you can, please allow yourself to grieve and please speak up to people who understand- I am so right there for anyone who is going through a fertility journey of their own.

“So much love to everyone. I am feeling so full, so loved up and just so insanely BLESSED in every single possible way.”