As his alter ego, Jimmy Giggle, Jimmy Rees brings happiness into the living rooms of families across Australia with his owly pals, Hoot and Hootabelle. However when it comes to the secret of happiness as a parent in the real world, this dad of three could use advice just like the rest of us!

The 33yo has asked often time-poor and stressed out Aussie parents to share their top tricks to help all mums and dads experience more happy moments with their kids and some of the answers are nothing short of genius!

Jimmy Rees is on a quest to find the secret to happiness!

To celebrate the launch of Kinder’s much-loved ‘Kinder Happy Hippo’ biscuits in Australia, Jimmy joined forces with the confectionery brand to ask the big questions and the parenting tips have been coming in thick and fast!

“I’ve got a few hacks myself and have to admit I’ve turned chores into a race more than a few times,” Jimmy confessed. “Setting a timer turns reluctance into enthusiasm, it’s great! It helps that we’re a competitive bunch in my family!”

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One popular tip offered by an Aussie parent, perfect for those whose kids kick off when it’s bath time, is to add some glow sticks in the bathtub. Turn the lights down, turn the music up, and you’ve got a family-friendly rave and clean kids. Works for adults too.

Another popular parenting hack is to cover the speakers on loud or annoying toys with some sticky tape. They can still hear the noise and play, but now parents can make it through the day without any toys mysteriously “losing” their batteries!

If you have a little helper that loves to be involved, one way is to let them “paint” the fence. All you need is a bucket of water and a paintbrush. This one will keep them happy and entertained for hours, seeing the fence “painted” as it changes colour when wet but without damaging the fence permanently.

“Teaming up with Kinder to source hacks from parents to celebrate the launch of Happy Hippo I’ve discovered some really interesting new ones that I’ll definitely be trying out at home,”says Jimmy. “My favourite hack is using my mobile number as a custom screen unlocking password – it’s genius!”

Kinder Happy Hippo, with its fun appearance and delicious taste, will be dropping into stores from the beginning of May!

“Kinder makes a seriously delicious range of snacks and Happy Hippo is the meringue sprinkle on top. There’s been a serious flavour debate in our house too – my pick’s Hazelnut but we stand divided!” says Jimmy of the product launch.

The cute-as-can-be hippo-shaped biscuits feature a crispy wafer shell with a super creamy and smooth filling, dipped in crunchy meringue sprinkles. Available in Cocoa or Hazelnut, these beloved bite-sized hippo treats are sure to delight your family too!

Kinder Happy Hacks for Parents

  1. Want to make bath time more fun? Grab some glow sticks and turn down the lights for the mother of all bathroom raves!
  2. When a toy blares the same tune for the 10th time by 10am, tape up the speaker holes. It’ll muffle the sound to keep parents happy but still spark joy with kids.
  3. Have a child who just won’t get dressed or tidy up? Make it into a race! Get an egg timer, set it and go. Chores will be done quicker than ever!
  4. Kids want to play video games with you? Give them a controller that isn’t hooked up. They’ll play like this for hours.
  5. Got a keen helper at home? Keep them happy and busy by letting them “paint” the fence with water.
  6. We know kids love a bit of time watching their favourite shows or playing games on the iPad, so try making your mobile number your passcode. They’ll be happy while learning who to call if they ever need help.
  7. Entertain little kids with an ice cube or two. Nothing more fascinating than melting ice, and perfect for keeping the whole family happy at a restaurant!
  8. Sick of trying to get paint out of everything? Try using pots of water and food colouring to create your own watercolours! Paint for them, simple clean-up for you!
  9. Get the whole family eating their veggies by turning it into a fun competition – whoever has the greenest tongue wins! Top hack… try this with spinach.
  10. Always searching for keys, glasses, phones or chargers? Make it a happy hunting game for them while finding those essential items.